About Us

If you’re new to our page, welcome! Survival Envy endeavours to bring you the very best in survival gear and homestead items possible. Our broad range of stock has everything from pocket knives for when you’re out in the wilderness, to water filtration systems that you can put into your home to ensure that you’re going to be drinking safe and clean water.


Now, we pride ourselves on our integrity, and we’re never going to try and sell you something which you don’t know enough about. That’s why all of our stock comes with a ‘pros and cons’ section, where we take a look at some of the good points and not so good points about each of our items that we offer. This let’s you get a really good look at the specific details, and helps you to have a balanced view of what you’re getting. We’d like to hope that this helps to establish a certain level of trust between you and us.


In terms of stock and what we have available, there’s a broad selection that is sure to appeal to everyone. We’ve got camping supplies available, offering things like camping chairs and kayaks for when you’re out and about. For your home, we have all kinds of things. Besides the aforementioned water purification systems, we also have a selection of safes, for storing either firearms or personal goods. As well as that, we also have a range of portable solar charging backpacks, so you can keep your devices full of power wherever you go.


Customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do, and we work tirelessly to ensure that you get the best possible experience when navigating the site. We work with Amazon in order to bring you the very best products in a range of options, from the more expensive models to those who are on a budget, so you can explore a wide variety of products to browse. We’ve set up our site so it’s easy to navigate, and every page has all the information about each product you’ll need. This means that you can find your way around and get what you need without being bogged down by endless menus and navigation. That’s all part of our attempts to make your experiences on the site as simple and easy as possible.


Overall, we’re proud to be able to unveil the wide range of products that we have on offer to you. Through our partnership with Amazon we can offer nothing but the best in terms of all the products we offer, with a range of features and prices on everything which will satisfy everyone. Whether you are looking for a solar bank for your phone, a safe for your valuables, or even something as basic as a pocket knife, we’ve got you covered. So have a look around, see what takes your fancy, and we hope that you enjoy your shopping experience with us. We hope that you find what you’re looking for!

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