The 10 Best Camping Chairs 2020 – Buyers Guide

What Is The Best Camping Chair?

Helping you choose the best camping chair. A comfortable and supportive camping chair is an essential piece of equipment for any keen camper or enthusiastic outdoors man. The market is flooded with thousands of different shapes, sizes and capabilities so we have rounded up the top 10 chairs based on buyer camping chair

Whether you’re looking for a sturdy and spacious chair for you and your loved on or one that has ample storage for your drinks, electronics and books, our list provides a comprehensive collection of camping chairs that all match different needs.

Adding such an important piece of furniture to your camping collection just got easier with this simple list so choose the one that’s right for you today

Best Camping Chair Comparison Chart

Let’s take a quick look at the camping chairs with our comparison chart below highlighting the most important information to help you make your choice

ItemCarry WeightMaterialWeight Capacity
1 lbsPlastic250 lbs
15lbsRipstop polyester400lbs
8.2lbsNylon300 lbs
9.3lbsPolyester300 lbs
2 lbs600D Oxford350lbs
12 lbs800D nylon fabric250lbs
10Polyester260 lbs
9.5lbsPolyester300 lbs

Best Ultralight Camping Chair

If you’re looking for a lightweight camping chair the Crazy Creek Ultralight Folding Camping Chair is the perfect choice. Finished in a striking black and orange tone, this contoured chain has been crafted with full back support and air craft grade aluminium allow frames and legs for added comfortable.

The breathable mesh chair provides ideal ventilation while the durable aluminium is both strong and reliable in it’s performance. The chairs come with portable carrying bags making them easy to transport and have been designed for quick and easy assembly.

Chosen as our best ultralight weight camping chair, this is the ideal choice for the keen traveller.


  • High quality materials to ensure a superior design
  • Lightweight and portable, so you can take it anywhere


  • This chair doesn’t have a cup holder
  • The person sat in it is exposed to the elements, best bring a jumper

Best Camping Chair Under $40

The Kijaro XXL Dual Lock Chair is available in a multitude of colours and is our best choice for best camping chair under $40. With a patented dual lock technology ensuring your safety and stability when using, these camping chairs offer a spacious and oversized seating area with structured back support and breathable mesh material for the ultimate comfort.

Suitable for all day use, these stylish camping chairs are stitched with two cup holders – one standard sized and one for 32-ounce beverages. The entire chair is stitched from durable ripstop polyester and features a carry strap on the chair frame as well as a bad for storage and transportation.

A storage bag is also provided to the rear of the chair offering extra space for your essential bits.


  • The Dual Lock technology ensures your safety
  • A breathable mesh material


  • The chair can be quite heavy to carry
  • The chair does take some force to lock back into place when you’re done with it

Best Camping Chair Under $25

With ample storage, the Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler is the ideal choice for camping or long days out in the sun. With durability in mind, this camping chair is supported with a heavy-duty steel frame allowing for persons up to 300lbs in weight.

The fully cushioned seat and back provides ample support for your back while ensuring a comfortable seating environment. The side pocket provides extra storage for your essential items while the built in arm rest cooler and mesh cup holder allow you to store up to five drinks in one go.

This well priced camping chair folds down into a compact size with carry bag for easy storage and transport and is our best camping chair for under $25.


  • Designed with durability in mind, can seat people of all weights
  • Facilities to store all kinds of cold drinks and snacks


  • Can be somewhat bulky, and difficult to transport for long periods of time
  • Regardless of how portable it gets, it will still be a large chair in terms of size, although that isn’t always a problem when you’re in a car or going short distances

Best Camping Chair With Table

The Kamp-Rite Director’s Chair is a lightweight camping chair fitted with a convenient side table and cooler. The supporting frame has been manufactured from a lightweight and reinforced aluminium material supporting weights of up to 350lbs.

For comfort and durability, a heavy-duty polyester fabric has been used to create the chair and additional padding has been included ensuring an enjoyable experience for each and every user.

The curved armrests have been angled for ergonomical comfort while the large side cooler attached can hold up to 12 cans and an extra in the included cup holder. The entire chair folds down easily and can be transported for use in many different environments.


  • A heavy duty design to ensure maximum usage
  • Ergonomically designed armrests


  • There’s only one cup holder – storage space is limited
  • It can be a pain to carry around

Best Padded Camping Chair

Our choice for best padded camping chair has to be the Best Choice Products Deluxe Padded Reclining Camping Chair with Portable Carrying Case. Stitched from a strong and durable polyester material, this comfortable camping chair has been padded on the seat and back rest providing a enjoyable seating experience for the whole day.

The reclining function and adjustable arm rests allow you to alter the chair to your particular requirements while the steel frame ensures durability and can easily hold weights of up to 300lbs.

A single insulated cup holder has been stitched in for keeping your warm drinks toasty and the detachable pocket can be used for storage of your electronics or magazines. The entire chair folds up easily and can be transported using the carry case provided.


  • Padded seat for comfort
  • Useful insulated cup holder on the arm


  • No protection from the wind
  • Bulky for carrying

Best Lightweight Folding Chair

For the best lightweight camping chair, the Sportneer Portable Lightweight Folding Hiking Picnic Camping Chair is the perfect choice. Weighing in at just 2lbs and packing down to a compact size, this high quality camping chair is supported by a high-grade aluminium shock-cord pole structure ensuring long term use and able to withstand weights up to 350lbs.

Suitable for hiking, picnics and camping, this striking chair is easy to assemble with a simple clock together construction and anti-slip rubber feet offering extra stability.

Crafted with a low profile and curved for added comfort, this stylish camping chair is the ideal solution for lightweight seating.


  • Designed to be both lightweight and durable
  • Easy to assemble


  • No space to store cups or anything similar
  • Not especially comfortable – bring a pillow

Best Camping Directors Chair

For style and comfort, the Stylish Camping Rocking Full Back camping chair is the best camping directors chair. The sturdy flat aluminium frame design allows this chair to be both strong and lightweight. Covered in a durable nylon fabric, this classic styled chair has a durable rocking motion bridging the gap between recliner comfort and outdoor enjoyment.

Weighing in at just 12lbs, this attractive chair can be folded down to a small, compact size ideal for travelling or storage alike. If you’re looking for a comfortable and good looking directors chair for your next camping holiday, this is the ideal choice.


  • Strong and lightweight
  • Very stylised – looks good anywhere


  • Style does not equate to comfort
  • Still heavy to carry for long periods of time

Best Double Camping Chair

The best double camping chair has to be the Coleman Quattro Lax Double Quad Chair. Made of a highly durable material, this double camping chair enables two people to sit side by side and enjoy the beautiful views of nature.

With a strong steel frame able to easily support the weight of two fully grown adults, this innovative camping chair also features two cup holders – one for each seated individual. Not to be ignored, the chair also features two seat back pockets so that each person can easily and safely store their possessions within easy reach.

For it’s roomy size, this double camping chair folds down into a compact and easily transportable size making it the ideal choice for your couples camping trip this year.


  • Sufficient space for two people to sit
  • Plenty of storage space


  • Bigger chair means more weight – heavy to carry for just one person
  • Not designed massively for comfort – bring a cushion or a blanket to cover it with

Best Moon Camping Chair

If you’re looking for the best moon camping chair on the market, the Portable Stable Folding Chair could be just the right thing. With an all round padded seat providing extra comfort and support, this rounded camping chair has been fully covered in a heavy-duty polyester fabric and is available in a variety of colours.

The foldable iron frame provides reliable support and stability no matter what the surface. Storage is given through the large bag pocket on the back, keeping your essential items at arms reach.

With it’s roomy design, it is surprising the compact nature with which this camping chair folds and the whole product is delivered with a convenient carry bag for easy transportation.


  • Protection from the elements due to design
  • A hard wearing design


  • There’s no capacity for storage besides a back pocket
  • The entire setup is quite large, will be heavy even when compacted

Best Camping Chair With Footrest

The Kamp-Rite Chair is our choice for the best camping chair with foot rest. This hard wearing camping chair is a extremely versatile chair that is easily foldable into a compact and transportable size.

The attachable footrest can be removed when needed if sitting up at a picnic table or provides a supportive and stable rest for your legs after a hard day of walking.

The sturdy frame has been designed to hold weights up to 300lbs and the two stitched in cup holders enable you to enjoy your favourite beverage while winding down for the day.


  • Removable footrest for added versatility
  • Cup holders, for your convenience


  • The removable footrest by design isn’t going to be as strong as everything else
  • Comfort isn’t always guaranteed, recommended that you bring a cushion

Buyers Guide – Best Camping Chair

  • Long lasting material – As a quick guide to the strength of the material used for camping chairs, Nylon is stronger than Polyester. So we can use this guide to determine that a Nylon camping chair is best for frequent use and a Polyester camping chair isn’t as strong but suitable for occasional use as the material will deteriate quicker than a Nylon chair
  • The support weight of the camping chair – it’s important to pick the chair that will best suit the weight of the person using it, the higher the supporting weight of the chair will indicate that the frame and seating cloth used is of higher quality
  • The carrying weight of the camping chair – depending on the expected uses of the chair, the carry weight is important for example if your backpacking you would want the lightest chair because you will be carrying the chair with you, if your fishing or camping the chances are the chair will be carried in your motor-home or car)
  • It the chair easy to store/carry – does the chair come with it’s own carry bag? Don’t forget that the chair now becomes an extra carry along with your backpack or tent etc..
  • Does the camping chair come with it’s own built in cup holder? Is this something that is important to you? Some camping chairs even come with built in tables but with this added feature you can expect the chair to weight more and be more bulky

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5 uses for camping chairs that just isn’t camping

  • Festivals – The festival is not just about the music, it is the times you spend sat around the tent with friends, talking and laughing, enjoying each other’s company. Having a good chair to sit in will really help make the experience a smooth one.
  • Fishing – Fishing is a quiet pastime, being done entirely on a quiet stretch of river or canal, usually by one person or two people together, and is a very relaxed way to spend the days. So you’re obviously going to want a good chair to sit in, so you don’t feel uncomfortable and you aren’t doing any lasting damage to yourself by sitting in a bad position.
  • Stargazing – Stargazing is a pastime which can be extremely enjoyable for groups of friends, or even as a solo activity. However, you’ll usually want to be able to sit down and enjoy the view without standing and getting sore legs, which is why having a good chair is really important.
  • Picnics – Going on a picnic with your family or friends is often a really fun thing to do, especially on a summer day. There’s nothing better than friends, food, and some good laughs, but you’ll definitely need a good chair if you’re thinking of sitting down for a long time.
  • Backpacking – Backpacking can be a great way to get out and see the world, and there’s some truly awesome things to see if you go a little off the beaten path. However, bringing a chair will allow you to sit and enjoy these views while you eat lunch or just sit and relax overlooking some stunning nature.
  • Line waiting – We’ve all seen the cliche, whether it is on TV or when we’re playing video games, about people who bring chairs with them while waiting in line for a shop to open or for a cinema
    trip to the biggest film of the year. In any case, you know it’s better to have a chair handy than to stand the entire time.
  • Sporting Events – So imagine that you’re going to see the football match for your child, or you’re at a sporting event. Having a chair would give you a great way to watch everything without sacrificing on comfort.