Best Camping Gift Ideas 2020

Today, we’re rounding up the best camping gifts available on the market as voted by customer reviews. For that one person who favours a night under the stars over a night on the tiles.

best camping gifts

The person who spends hours reading every specification on the latest sleeping bag release and the one who’s got a whole Pinterest board full of unique camping recipes.

When you’ve got someone in your life that has a passion for camping, finding them the perfect gift can seem like the easiest and most challenging thing ever.

There is quite simply such a wide range of products and choice on the market today that it can seem like a never-ending task of trawling through branded websites and reading the latest press releases. So take a look through our list and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift for every single member of your family.

Best Camping Gifts – Ideas For People Who Love Camping

Best Camping Gift Under $100

Gather together 100 dollar bills and you can treat your loved on to this comprehensive Let’s Go Camping kit. Eliminate those hours of scrolling through web pages or traipsing around camping stores with this gift box that has everything they’ll need to keep their strength up during those arduous journeys. A nibble of Hershey’s chocolate here, a crumble of Walkers shortbread cookie there and you can rest in peace knowing they’ll easily make it to the peak of their hike – even if it is on somewhat of a sugar rush!

Best Camping Gift Under $50

That romantic evening under the stars with a glass of your favourite tipple just got that touch more luxurious with this wine stakes set. From spicing up your long-term relationship that’s beginning to lose it’s spark or impressing the latest love interest, you’re both guaranteed to feel cupids bow striking after a few glasses of red with your alfresco dinner plans. So once the kids are snuggled up in bed, create the perfect ambience with these durable and novelty stakes.

Best Camping Gift Under $25

A glass of wine can improve any mood and, for those who favor the great outdoors, the Flexible Unbreakable Wine Bottle makes for the perfect gift. Whether they’re on top of the tallest mountain or trekking through treacherous terrain, they’ll only be seconds away from that large glass of red that has them salivating at the thought. Removing the added weight and risk of glass from already overflowing hikers backpack, this inexpensive bag is a unique way of ensuring the wine lover in your life never spends an evening parched.

Best Camping Gifts For Mom

Well, don’t our mums deserve to look fabulous on every family trip? This Hanging Toiletry Bag is the perfect home-from-home gift with enough space to carry all her toiletries – everything from her favorite lipstick right through to those face masks she’ll be needing at the end of an action-packed day with the kids. With a large hook, the bag can be hung away from the floor to keep everything dry and safe and there’s even enough space for dad or the kids to throw in a few bits of their own – because we all know nothing is ever sacred when it comes to motherhood!

Best Camping Gift For Dad

The self-proclaimed god of the BBQ now has everything he needs to whip up his famous sweet chilli burgers or over-night marinated mint chops. Dad will love this comprehensive set of stainless steel accessories – especially the fact that it comes in a sleek and professional looking briefcase set that will have him feel like he’s delivering sensitive information to the FBI. With everything he’ll need to start flipping those burgers and brushing on that sweet maple glaze, give him all the tools he needs to continue his reign in the monarchy of outdoor cooking.

Best Camping Gift For Couples

Know a couple of camping lovers? Give them something more precious than dinner vouchers with these Unbreakable Wine Glasses. Take away all the risks and ponce with traditional glass wine glasses and allow them to continue their favorite hobby with the knowledge that a large glass of their favorite wine will be waiting for them at the end. Made from food-grade silicone, there’s not even a need for any additional luggage! Simply slip into any back pocket for compact transportation to their chosen campsite.

Best Camping Gift For Her

Become the true romantic she’s been pining for with this ‘I would be lost without you’ Antique Brass Compass. Helping you find the route back to the perfect relationship or leading her straight to your heart, this unique token of your affection merges your love for her and a love of the great outdoors into one. Fully functioning, if you do get lost in the wilderness with your one true love, grasp the opportunity to show her your navigational skills and watch her heart begin to flutter with admiration – well, one can only hope!

Best Camping Gift For Him

For the man desperate to merge his need to be constantly in touch with a passion for the great outdoors, this Bluetooth Beanie could be the perfect gift. With the perfect design to appeal to the modern and contemporary man, this comfortable hat enables him to keep up to date with the latest sports scores or check in with friends while still being present for you and your family at all times. Discretely build into the body, the hat also features it’s own speakerphone – so don’t be alarmed when best mate Bob seemingly pops up for a beer while you’re miles away from civilisation.

Best Funny Camping Gift

Now it’s the adults turn to have a bit of fun with these Marshmallow and Hot Dog Roasting Sticks. For the one person who chucks out innuendos like they’re going out of style, these hilariously designed sticks are best kept under wraps until the children pop off to bed. Kick off a roaring campfire and wait for the optimal moment to subtly introduce your two new friends to the group – we guarantee they’ll have the entire party in fits of giggles in no time. AND, you’ll never be without a caramelised marshmallow or perfectly cooked hot dog either!

Best Caravan And Camping Gift

You know that one person who’s obsessed with their camper van – well this one’s for them! The next time they’ve gathered the entire family around the campfire, these Salt and Pepper shakers promise to have the whole family smiling. Packed perfectly with just enough salt and pepper for a hearty meal, these shakers have a high-quality finish making them ideal as a gift for someone special.

Best Camping Gift For Kids

When discovering nature and counting the number of bugs under a tree gets tedious, these Games Rockets are the perfect camping gift for the kids in your life. Encouraging them to love the great outdoors, even more, these foam and rubber rockets will be seen shooting through the air surrounded by a sound cloud of ‘whoosh’ ‘brrrrrrr’ and giggles. And when evening falls, the glow in the dark feature means their joy will be heard deep into the night while the parents sit and hope that all this excitement tires them out for a long nights sleep.

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