Best Emergency Food That Won’t Break The Bank

Welcome to our quick list of the Best Emergency Food. When it comes to storing food that will keep you alive, energized and healthy, it can be tough to narrow it down to just ten items. Unfortunately, you do need to pick the right foods that will store for a long time and that are nutritionally sound as well. This narrows the field considerably when you start browsing the aisles of the grocery store, trying to find what you want to eat when things go south
best emergency food

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Emergency Food?

• Nutritional Value
• Shelf life
• Price
• Availability

Your survival food storage is meant to keep you alive and well in the future. It isn’t supposed to drive you into poverty today. There are a handful of foods you absolutely must get on your shelves. You can add more and diversify your food storage as your budget and time permits

The following is a list of the Best Emergency Food that should be first on your list to buy

1-Peanut butter

best emergency food

It may not seem like a food but when you think about the nutritional content in a single tablespoon of the sandwich spread, it is easy to see why it is a top 10 food. Peanut butter also offers a little comfort, which will be important in a stressful time. It can be used to add flavor to boring veggies or spread on plain crackers. Imagine saltines for dinner. Not exactly filling or appetizing, but when you add a layer of peanut butter, it tastes better and offers more nutritional value. Don’t buy peanut butter in the large bulk jars. Once you take off that seal, the peanut butter is going to start to taste stale. You have a few months before that happens, but if you don’t think you and your family can eat a tub of peanut butter in a couple of months, stick with the smaller jars

2. Dried beans

best emergency food

Beans can be a staple as well. You can go with whatever you prefer, but pinto tend to be a prepper fave. They can be cooked up in a number of ways so you always have a fresh meal even if it is still the same main ingredient. Beans are high in protein and fiber, which will be important when fresh meats and veggies are in short supply. They are also incredibly cheap. You can buy a 50 pound bag of beans for under 20 bucks. Beans will also store for decades if sealed in a bag and kept out of the light. The average guy needs about 56 grams of protein per day. Each cup of pinto beans contains about 41 grams so you can see why they are pretty valuable. The beans are also incredibly filling. You won’t feel hungry after eating a cup of beans

3. Canned Salmon

best emergency food

Salmon isn’t exactly inexpensive and it won’t store for decades, but it is filled with good fat. It also offers a little something different for mealtimes. It is high in protein as well, which is important to keeping your muscles in good shape. There is also some calcium in the traditional packed cans, which is going to help keep your bones strong when you can’t drink milk and don’t have access to cheese and other dairy products. Tuna fish is a leaner, which is why isn’t as preferable as the salmon. When the salmon goes on sale, load up. You can eat the salmon straight out of the can or mix it into some leafy greens or use it as a cracker topping

4-White rice

best emergency food

Rice may not be healthier than brown rice, but it does store for much longer. In fact, it will store for decades and it is about half the price of brown rice. Rice can be prepared in a number of different ways. It can even be made into rice pudding. Adding rice to stews and casseroles as a thickening agent makes the meal a bit more filling. In today’s world, white rice is not really an ideal health food because it does tend to be a bit fattening. However, in a post-collapse world, eating a bowl of white rice is sure to give you a huge does of energy. White rice is high in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are good to eat before you do any exercise and will give you a healthy dose of energy. In a world where calories count, as in you need every calorie possible, white rice is a very good addition to your survival food storage. It can be eaten as a stand alone meal, a side dish or as a thickening substance


best emergency food

Jerky can be expensive. However, if you are a hunter, know a hunter or can get your hands on some meat in bulk for cheap, you can make your own at home. Jerky is an ideal food simply because it gives you that protein you need and it is lightweight. You can stick it in a bug out bag or carry it with you and eat while you move. In today’s world, jerky is a real treat. In a post-collapse world, it may be the only way to eat meat during the winter months or when hunting is scarce and fresh meat is not an option


best emergency food

Another very good choice for adding protein to the diet. A variety of mixed nuts is inexpensive and can be eaten while you are on the move. A cup of mixed nuts provides about 20 grams of protein. A handful of nuts may not seem like a lot of food, but because there is a lot of protein packed into the snack, it will make you feel full. You can munch on the nuts to satisfy your hunger and fill that need to simply eat. Your body will get the nutrition it needs to keep moving and your muscles will have the fuel they need to stay strong. You can load up on mixed nuts pretty cheap. Buy nuts in the shells to save even more money. Almonds, cashews and walnuts are the best choices, but peanuts will work as well


best emergency food

Potatoes may not be one of the healthiest, most nutritious foods on the menu, but they offer a lot of variety. You can also buy potatoes for just a couple dollars for a large bag. If you buy potatoes from a local farmer complete with the dirt still coating on them, you can store them for months. If you grow your own potatoes, you can keep them in a root cellar for 5 to 6 months. When thinking about long-term survival food, potatoes are ideal because you can grow new potatoes from old ones. This means you will always have a supply of food. Potatoes are prolific and pretty easy to grow. Once they develop the “eyes” on the outside of the potatoes, put those to the side to use as seed potatoes. It is important to note the potatoes you buy in the grocery store have been treated to prevent those eyes from developing. You will want to either grow your own or buy from a local farmer if you want potatoes you can use in the future

8. Canned Soup

best emergency food

Soup is probably a given, Everybody has a few cans of soup pushed in the back of the pantry. In a survival situation, a can of soup will make you feel better while filling your belly. Soup tends to be filling and when crackers or bread are added, the meal is complete. Stockpile a variety of soups that will tickle the fancy of every member of your family. Don’t forget the standard chicken noodle. Soup is pretty cheap and can sit on the shelf for years. Whenever possible and affordable, choose low sodium soups. Canned food tends to be high in sodium and nitrates, which can become a problem if water is in short supply. Your body will dehydrate much quicker despite the water content in the soup


best emergency food

Pasta is incredibly cheap and can store for years if you do it the right way. Buying pasta that you can use to make hundreds of different meals will ensure your family has something different to eat each night of the week. To keep pasta fresh for years, pop it in the freezer for a couple of weeks before you put it on your shelf. When it is ready to store, place the pasta in its original packaging inside Mylar bags and seal it up tight. This ensures it will stay fresh. Choose a variety of styles so you can change things up. Making foods like lasagna, spaghetti, macaroni and so on will help remind your family of the good ol’ days while filling their bellies with carbohydrates that will give them energy


best emergency food

Sugar isn’t a food, but it can make anything taste just a little better. Believe it or not, you won’t be able to eat food that isn’t palatable for long. Your body will eventually reject the idea of eating bland foods that do nothing to satisfy a craving. It is a miserable existence. Now, there are some people who do not eat sugar in today’s world. That is awesome and they deserve applause. Those people don’t need to store sugar, unless they plan on using it to barter with. For everyone else, storing sugar is inexpensive and opens the door to thousands of recipes. Adding a dash of sugar to stews, sauces and baked goods just makes them taste a little better


While adding freeze-dried meals and ready-to-eat meals to your food storage is a nice option, you also want things that give you a little more flexibility. Being able to make meals from scratch gives you the luxury of making the food just the way you like it. You aren’t eating a meal that was made the standard way that doesn’t account for your personal preferences and so on.
Your idea of the Best Emergency Food may look a little different depending on your family’s dietary needs and preferences, but ultimately it should reflect some of this list. You want foods that will last for decades and ideally foods that will keep your family healthy. Empty calories are not going to do anybody any good. The food that doesn’t provide vitamins, minerals, protein and other necessary elements is a waste of space and money to store

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