The 10 Best Grow Tents 2020 – Buyers Guide

In this article, we’ve pulled together ten of the best grow tents available today according to buyers reviews in the hope of making your decision much easier. For the avid grower, being able to protect your plants and vegetables during the colder months can become a challenge.

How do you avoid the fierce frost from sweeping in a devouring all your hard work in the space of a few hours? The solution could be in the form of a grow tent that stands in for a traditional glass greenhouse while being movable and varying in size depending on your needs. These portable devices can be built to stand inside a shed or garage while having enough internal space to hold and protect your precious plants and ensuring all your hard work during the Summer doesn’t go to waste.


Best Grow Tent Comparison Chart

ProductSizeNumber Of Plants
63" x 48" x 80Upto 6 Plants
24"x24"x24Upto 6 Plants
36"x36"x72Upto 10 Plants
4"x4"x6.7"4 Plants
24" T x 16" W x 9.5Upto 6 Plants
30"x18"x24Upto 10 Plants
96"x48"x80Upto 20 Plants
118" x 118" x 84Upto 15 Plants
24 x 48 x 244 Plants
24"X24"X484 Plants

Best Grow Tent Setup

For those requiring a large area for growing while looking for the most comprehensive setup, the Complete Room Perpetual Grow Tent Kit offers a fully equipped area for ensuring optimal growth of your crops. Designed to offer the ultimate convenience, this multi-shelved unit has been designed to offer protection through every stage of the growing cycle. Measuring in at 63” x 48” x 80” and with the addition of a 4×4′ flowering chamber, this large grow tent also boasts a Sunspot 6 reflector with 600W iON digital ballast and 600W OptiLume HPS Buld. A 6” Durabreeze duct tan pull unnecessary heat out while a single T5 strip light pairs with the EZ-CLONE 16-site clone machine for high-quality clone growth. The grow tent also features two Blueprint Digital Hygro-Thermometers, two Blueprint EZGrow timers and a 6” filter. Suitable for the whole growing process, this model offers the best setup available on the market today.

Best Small Grow Tent

If lack of space is your concern, the Quictent SGS Eco-Friendly Hydroponic Grow Tent could be the ideal choice. Approved by SGS Chemical Testing to ensure no harmful chemical emissions, this non-toxic measures in at 24” x 24” x 24” making it suitable for smaller growing spaces. Alongside it’s practical size, this unit also boasts a 100% reflective silver PET Mylar lining along with an extra-thick 600D Oxford canvas outer that ensures no light leaks. The tear-resistant and double stitched casing has been paired with 0.8mm thick net poles to make the entire construction secure while a rust resistant powder spray ensures the extended life of your grow tent. Finally, a strong anti-burst metal zipper keeps your unit waterproof while holding strong even after years of use.

Best 3×3 Grow Tent

For those seeking a high-quality 3×3 grow tent, the VIVOSUN Hydroponic Observation Window Grow Tent is a sizeable unit that boasts a clear window for visual analysis of your crops. Made from an extra-thick 600D canvas construction, this tear and waterproof unit has been designed to block all light with it’s 95%-reflective Mylar interior lining. Perfect for pairing with all manner of lighting setups, this durable grow tent is supported by strong metal poles and secures with a heavy-duty metal zipper for continual use. With it’s easy-to-install design, this 36” x 36” x 72” unit is the only high-quality indoor growing unit you’ll need to get your crops to their optimal health.

Best 4×4 Grow Tent

Designed by a leading brand in protective plant growing, the Gorilla Grow Tent GGTLT44 offers exceptional quality at a cost-effective price. Finished with a 100% steel interlocking frame, the tent holds together using secure industrial zips while the EZ view windows allow for clear visual analysis and tool pouches keep everything in one convenient place. Doorways and wraparound zippers give 360-degree access to ensure your growing environment can be tended to quickly and efficiently. Measuring in at 49.5” x 11.5” x 6” and weighing just 31 lbs, this convenient unit can be placed in the optimal position for you to ensure a safe and secure area for your cherished crops.

Best Stealth Grow Box

For secure and reliable protection against the elements with discrete styling, the Dealzer Cash Crop 4.0 easily holds up to 6 plants throughout the entire growing process. Recently upgraded with new additions, this fully functioning version has been fitted with three 2700k CFL Flowering Bulbs with an adjustable light system that allows you to bring the lights closer when needed. 6 net cups securely hold each plant in place while carbon filters, air stone and air line timers can be programmed to fully automate your system. Made in the USA, this attractive grow box sit comfortably in most households while ensuring the strong and consistent growth of your plants from seed to harvest in just 8 weeks. Supplied with full instructions, should this be your first time using a grow tent, this unit is the ideal choice for the amateur grower seeking protection with minimal space output.

Best Grow Cabinet

Discretely styled in similar style to a filing cabinet or secure safe, the Supercloset Superbox Automated Growbox has everything you’ll need to set up growing within a time frame of 90 minutes. Made from 16-gauge steel, this fully lockable unit has the capacity to hold up to 10 plants under it’s fully installed red spectrum 200W CFL. A SuperPhonic Hydro system features drop feed and deep water culture hydroponic technologies while odour control is achieved by the internal carbon filter and it’s internal circulation. A sleek and attractive unit that fits in well with any contemporary household, this grow cabinet takes up minimal space and allows for a fully automated service at all times of the day.

Best 4×8 Grow Tent

When available space is no concern, the VIVOSUN Hydroponic Observation Grow Tent could be the ideal choice. Featuring two observational windows that can be accessed via roll-up covers and help to maintain optimal conditions inside during visual analysis, this heavy-duty grow tent has been stitched from 600D tear and water resistant canvas. The light proof design blocks out all light while it’s 95%-reflective Mylar interior lining improves the performance of your chosen lighting setup. Supported by sturdy metal poles and secured using highly durable zips that promise to continue working reliably even after extended use, this reliable unit is quick to install so you can get back to propagating and caring for your most cherished crops.

Best 10×10 Grow Tent

A great choice for those looking for high-quality performance on a budget, the High Rise 10 Grow Tent is a large grow tent option for those with an available spare room or garage. Made with a solid metal frame and able to support over 150lbs of equipment, this durable growing unit features bulletproof corner connectors and a heavy-duty 600D canvas exterior with double stitched edges and high-quality zipper. Diamond texture Mylar interior lining heightens it’s reflective capabilities while the careful design of the entire tent places the electrical cord ports alongside air cooled reflectors and the chosen ventilation system. Designed to snap together for quick installation while securely holding a vast number of crops during the entire growing period.

Best Grow Tent Package Under $250

IF you’re in the market for a high-quality grow tent package under the $250 mark, the Abbaponics 4 Site Hydroponic Grow Room makes for a fine choice. With it’s professional build, this all encompassing unit has been fitted with an easy to use hydroponic and DWC system which also offers economical function. A 225 LED grow light, 3.5 gallon reservoir tank, space for 4 individual plants and an adjustable air pump work together to deliver high-quality performance while the quick installation instructions get your crops installed and ready for additional growth in no time at all. And for those just stepping into the world of grow tents, this set comes with a pack of starter nutrients, clay pebbles and a rockwool to make the process as easy as possible.

Best Hydroponic Grow Tent

Set yourself up entirely for a season of high-quality growth with the TopoLite Grow Tent Room. Designed for the entire growing process including germination right through to flowering, this sizeable unit measures in at 24” x 24” x 48” and features a 300W Grow Light as standard for growing herbs, fruits and vegetables. The 4” carbon filter increases air flow within the unit while a 4” incline duct fan with low noise output. Made from heavy duty 600D lightproof oxford cloth, the grow tent has been lined with 96% reflective diamond Mylar for optimal heat distribution alongside white paint coated metal rods that easily connect with plastic links. A great unit with a number of configuration options depending on your budget and available space.

Best Grow Tents Buyers Guide

When deciding on the perfect grow tent for your individual needs, there are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration to ensure your purchase is suited to your desired outcomes.

  • Available Space

How many crops do you have that require protection at one given point? How much internal space do you need to allow each of your plants to grow to their full attention. Grow Tents come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, so you can select the one that is most suited to your specific needs. Alongside considering the number of crops you have, also think about the available space you have for positioning your grow tent and the tasks that you wish to achieve within it. If you are just propagating, a smaller tent will probably suffice while those with fully flowering plants will need to ensure their grow tent is tall enough to comfortably store a fully grown plant.

  • Budget

As with every purchase, taking into account the amount of money you have available in your budget is a key factor to consider before choosing your grow tent. Consider the length of time you wish to use your grow tent – those simply looking for a quick fix at the end of Winter may choose to opt for a cheaper option with less features while those investing for the long-term need to consider the added benefits from investing in a more expensive tent. Whatever your budget, there is almost certain to be a grow tent on the market to suit your specific needs.

  • Grow Lights

For those with a keen interest in sustainable growth, considering the additional purchase of a grow light needs to be taken into consideration when purchasing a grow tent. The general rule of thumb is, the more intense your grow lights, the better growth you would expect to see. There are a vast range of options when it comes to grow lights including florescent lights through to the most powerful 1000W and advanced lighting systems that promise to deliver exceptional results. Taking the time to consider which grow tent can easily accommodate your lighting choice will reduce the risk of additional purchase or re-purchasing in the future.

  • Interior Colour – White or Silver

Depending on the type of crop you’re planning on growing in your grow tent, you may need to take into consideration the interior colour. White lined tents are highly reflective, causing them to retain less heat and making them ideal for less tropical plants. Alternatively, silver lined tents can be 1-2 degrees warmer than their counterpart making them suitable for use with plants that favour a warmer climate.

  • Added Features

Alongside your grow tent, there are a number of added extras that can be purchased to make your growing experience better. When considering your choice of grow tent, it is important to understand what added accessories are compatible with your unit and whether these are of any benefit to you. Some grow tents are fully waterproof which offers complete protection during all manner of different weather conditions. The reflective interior lining can sometimes be an added benefit so consider how important this is to your growing plans. Do you need to add extra reflectors to your grow tent and does your chosen model have the capacity to host the number or size of reflector you’re looking for? There are also additional options such as heaters, humidifiers and fans that all need their own space within your grow tent so make sure to do your research on these additional features to decipher whether they are important to your goals.

Reasons for purchasing a grow tent

There are a number of different reasons why you may choose to purchase a grow tent for your crop cultivation needs.

1. Grow tents offer a great option for protecting plants that need to begin their growing throughout the winter.
2. Grow tents offer a more portable and size-appropriate alternative to traditional, glass greenhouses – especially in flats or households within minimal available space
3. Grow tents are designed to maintain the optimal temperature for plants making it easy to create a very specific and unique growing environment for certain species.
4. Grow tents with hydroponics systems are ideal for environments where traditional and appropriate soils are in short supply.

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