The 10 Best Portable Shower 2020 – Buyers Guide

What Is The Best Portable Shower?

Welcome to our page helping you choose the best portable shower. Taking a step out into the beauty of nature and deciding to set up camp means leaving some of your modern amenities behind. Flushing toilets, fast boiling kettles and washing machines become a thing of mystery when you decided to spend a few days in the open portable shower

A key step in our morning routine, cleaning and refreshing ourselves, goes out the window in favour of a quick wipe down with baby wipes or, on some days, nothing at all. A trip camping with loved ones used to mean adapting to those less than favourable bodily odours that would usually confine themselves to the bedroom or pre-shower bathroom

However, with modern technology at it’s peak, showering while holidaying outside has become one step easier with the introduction of a wide variety of portable showers now available on the market. Now, no matter whether your pitched up in the middle of a vast, wooded forest or trekking across mountainous terrains, a refreshing and warm is just an arms throw away. And the whole family can take advantage of these highly sought after machines with their easy to use functionality and adjustable design

Best Portable Shower Comparison Table

ItemWater CapacityPower
N/ARechargeable Battery
5 GallonSolar
2 GallonHand Pump
10 GallonSolar
Uses Garden HoseWorks On Hose Prssure
11 LitresFoot Pump
0.75 GallonHand Pump
4 GallonGas Burner
Gas Burner
Garden HoseRechargeable Battery
5 GallonSolar
5 GallonSolar

To help you find the perfect portable shower for you, we’ve rounded up 13 of the Best Portable Shower’s on the market to give you a head start when making your purchase.

Best Portable Camping Shower

Operated by a rechargeable battery pack, the AngLink Portable Camping Shower is a powerful addition to your camping repertoire which will surely deliver hot and pleasurable showers every single time. With a new and improved design specifically for 2017, this compact shower features a 1.8m hose, shower head and external rechargeable battery and in total weighs just 0.5kg. Simple to run, all you need to do it position the pump in either a lake, sink or bucket of water and turn on for a great, refreshing shower even when your in the middle of the wilderness. Suitable for personal showering, simple cleaning or watering of your plants, this portable shower is the ideal choice for those seeking lightweight and compact designs.


  • Designed to be flexible and multi-functional
  • Rechargeable battery makes for a more cost effective design


  • Less durable structure than some other models
  • You get what you pay for

Best Outdoor Solar Shower

Using the power of sunlight as power, the Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower is a powerful unit designed ideally for use by larger, camping parties. With it’s large load of 5 gallons which enables a group of individuals to take multiple showers in concession, this compact unit can easily be packed into a backpack or small suitcase making it ideal for camping trips that require additional walking to reach your final destination. Powered by solar energy which reduces the need for bulky battery packs, this reliable unit boasts a strong handle for hanging during use and an easy to use on/off valve on the shower head itself.


  • A lot of space to store water
  • Lightweight yet durable design


  • Longer hose makes it harder to control
  • Some people have complained of heating issues

Best Outdoor Shower Kit

Providing warm and refreshing showers to every camper in your party, the RinseKit Pressurised Portable Shower is an ideal choice for trips that take you away from natural sources of water. Featuring a unique eon™ pressure system which eliminates the need for excessive pumping or batteries, this unit delivers high power pressurised spray for up to three minutes at a time allowing you to pound away the aches and pains of a long hiking day. Supplied with a tank that can be filled with up to 2 gallons of hot or cold water at a time, the portable shower also boasts a spray nozzle with 7 different settings allowing each camper to alter their shower to personal preferences. Easily transportable with a folding handle and highly reliable, this is the ideal unit for the avid and repeat camper.


  • A pressurised spray ensures all the power you need to shower
  • Quite compact for something with a lot of power


  • Some people have complained it’s quite fragile
  • Water leaks have been reported if the machine is damaged too much

Best Solar Shower Bag

When your camping party grows larger every year, consider adding the Risepro Solar Shower Bag to your camping equipment. Designed to bring warm and refreshing showers anywhere in the world, this functional unit boasts a 10 gallon capacity making it easy to understand how even the largest parties will all be smelling of roses within hours. Made from environmentally friendly and leak proof materials, the place PVA outer coating efficiently absorbs solar energy and uses this to warm the large capacity of water within 3 hours when placed directly in sun light. A temperature indicator on the bag ensures unexpected cold showers are a thing of the past while the simply installation means you’ll be hopping in the shower within minutes of returning from a day of hiking through the mountains.


  • Solar powered for an environmentally friendly power source
  • Well designed to ensure a long life


  • Some people have complained of heating issues
  • Less expensive for a more basic design

Best Shower Glove

On those trips where a single backpack is your luggage of choice, the Invisible Shower Portable Hand Held Shower Mitt is the perfect solution to ensuring you still stay fresh after each excursion. The world’s first on the go shower system with a revolutionary patented mitt design that comes with 20 re-loadable biodegradable wipes that have been infused with aloe. Evolving from the traditional wet wipes, this eco friendly alternative ensures your skin stays clean and revitalise during the most adventurous of excursions and eliminates the need for bulky water tanks or a main water source. Pack this handy mitt into your luggage today and take one stress away from planning your next camping excursion.


  • Very easy to store and take with you
  • Innovative design removes the need for a shower at all


  • Obviously, this isn’t a normal showering experience
  • It may get quite cold while showering with just this

Best Outdoor Pool Shower

For areas where showering outside is essential, the Outdoor Lamp Company Poolside Portable Power Shower with Foot Washer is a reliable addition to any environment. Quick to assemble and made from durable and easy to maintain PVC, this full size unit connects to any standard garden hose to deliver refreshing showers at any time of the day. Shower off after multiple lengths in your pool and rid your body of the chemical residue of chlorine with this swivel head unit and adjustable spray function. A simple on/off valve makes use as simple as possible while the weighted base ensures a secure and consistently flowing shower every time.


  • Connects to any garden hose for versatility
  • All plastic materials prevent rust


  • Quite expensive compared to some other models
  • All plastic materials can mean a less durable design

Best Portable Pressure Shower

Take the stress out of showering, washing the dishes or rinsing off your beloved pooch during your next camping trip with the Nemo Equipment Helio Pressure Shower . Designed to be transported easily alongside your family tent and everyone’s sleeping bad, this inflatable unit boasts an 11 litre tank for ample showering while the spray nozzle and pump mean recreating your home shower becomes a much more realistic possibility. The easy to use foot pump allows you to consistently produce adequate water pressure during your shower while being fitted with a valve meaning over inflation is prevented. Easily stored in a portable carry case for simple transportation, this portable shower could be a haven for your next camping trip.


  • Higher capacity ensures that it lasts for longer
  • Lightweight and easy to transport


  • Higher price for a shower
  • More options make for a possibly more complex system

Best Portable Outdoor Shower

The OnTrack Compact Pressurised Shower is the ideal solution for those who dabble in the art of water sports while out and about. Designed to fit comfortably in the boot of your car, this compact unit has a hand powered pressurised system that allows the 0.75 gallon tank to be used while conserving water for elongated function. A simple pump action allows you to stop and start the flow of water when needed, meaning water wastage is a think of the past while the easy to refill system means moving on to the next job at hand will be swift and easy. Finished with a shoulder strap for easy transportation, this shower is an ideal choice for every camper.


  • Easy to transport
  • A good size for washing off


  • Hand pump makes for a more physically demanding task
  • Only really suitable for transportation in a car

Best Portable Hot Water Shower

Providing you with an instantly hot shower, the Zodi Outback Gear Hot Tap Travel Shower takes out the need for excessive heat or charged batteries when planning your next camping trip. Self contained to allow easy storage and ensuring you can take a shower in any location, the shower boasts a 4 gallon storage water tank giving enough warm water for a 10 minute shower. The 6-volt water pump with push button ignition allows you to dictate the length of your shower while the easy to adjust temperature monitor means you can enjoy a steaming hot shower during the coldest of nights.


  • High tech design helps to improve chances of a hot shower every time
  • Easy to operate


  • Comes in a big box, possibly only suited for a car
  • Quite expensive

Best Camping Hot Water System

When camping becomes your favourite hobby, investing in the Zodi Outback Gear Extreme SC Hot Shower unit ensures the pleasures of home need never be far away. Designed for back country camping and hunting, this highly functioning shower boasts a rustproof stainless steel water tank and 10,000 BTU burner which can provide water up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. With a 6-foot shower hose and functional shower head, the easy to use pressurised hand pump ensures your shower will feel as relaxing as your muscles desire while the on top burner can also function as a cooking stove – ticking two boxes in one.


  • Well built and durable
  • Heats water to high temperatures consistently


  • Quite big and bulky
  • A more complicated design carries a higher price tag

Best Camper Shower

Take to the great outdoors and ensure the whole family enjoys steaming warm showers for the duration with the Mr.Heater BOSS-XW18 Basecamp Battery Operated Shower System. At the higher end of the market, this highly functional shower unit has a flow rate of 1.18 gallons per minute which ensures your shower using the adjustable shower head and pump will be just as refreshing as you imagined. Including an AC wall charger with a battery that can run for 40 minutes at a time, the unit has been fitted with a hot water safety flow switch meaning the whole family can safely shower without fear of injury.


  • Well designed to last a long time
  • Quite compact for a shower


  • Still bulky to carry around
  • Very expensive

Best Camping Shower Tent

Get the privacy usually lacking in the great outdoors with the Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower. The only shower in our line up to include a privacy cover that allows you to shower in the comfort of your own company, this 5 gallon portable shower includes a removable towel bar and mesh shower rack for convenient use. Stitched from heavy duty polyurethane coated taffeta walls which promise longevity and a durable design, this flame retardant unit is easy to install and features mesh roof panels for superior ventilation. Doubling up as a changing room when needed and supplied with a portable carry case, this shower unit is ideal for large families or multi-sex camping groups.


  • The closest to a real shower experience you could get
  • Made from rust free materials


  • Bulky even when collapsed
  • Mostly comprised of rippable materials

Best Camping Shower Bag

Portable showering just got simpler with the Risepro Solar Shower Bag. Made of the highest quality materials which are both environmentally friendly and prized for their safe use every time, this deluxe portable shower has a multi-layer structure that prevents leaks on even the hardiest of hikes. Easily carrying up to 5 gallons of water, allowing many people to shower at any given time or a few to experience the lengthy heat of a refreshing wash, this foldable bag design folds down to make transporting as easy as possible. The advanced shower head boasts an on/off switch within easy grasp and the ability to alter the strength of the water flow during your shower. There is also a temperature indicator meaning you won’t be unknowingly caught under an icy cold downpour when showering in the wilderness.


  • Small and compact
  • Easy to use


  • Smaller size may result in reduced capacity
  • You get what you pay for

Best Portable Shower Buyers Guide

  • Shower Weight

Depending on how much luggage you plan to take with you and how you plan to transport it to your final destination, you will need to take into consideration the overall weight of your portable shower. Those who just want to travel with a large back pack will need to seek out the lightest showers on the market to ensure they’re not dragged down by excessive weight. Alternatively, if your entire family will be packing out a camper van with equipment for a longer trip, a sturdier and slightly more weighty shower may not be an issue to you in the grand scheme of things.

  • Shower Bulk

Alongside the shower’s weight, it is important to think about how bulky it is when folding down for transporting. Similar to the above, if your luggage loads is very small, it would be important to ensure the portable shower you purchase is a slimline model that still leaves space for all your other camping and hiking essentials. The bulkier showers can some times have additional features to them which accommodates for the size but this would still only make them a suitable choice if you have the available transportation to get them to your final location.

  • Shower Capacity

Are you travelling on your own, with a few other people or with a whole hoard of avid campers? Take into consideration the capacity of your portable shower and how many times it will be used during your trip. Are the people in your party happy to keep showering down to an hour slot all together or do you have the odd person who spends the entire morning lathering themselves into an oblivion? The capacity of a potable shower will tell you how much water can be used at one given time and how many minutes of showering time you will be able to supply during use.

  • Heating Functionality

Consider how your portable shower heats up water. Certain showers will use rechargeable battery packs to generate the power needed to heat up water while others rely on solar energy, meaning you will need to accommodate for this when planning your shower time. Also take into consideration how long the portable shower takes to heat it’s full capacity and factor this in when dishing out shower slots for everyone in your camping party.

  • Water Supply

Is your camping site close to a source of water, whether this be a natural running stream or plumbed-in units found on official camping sites? If not, you may want to consider investing in a portable shower with a tank that allows you to run the unit using water pre-collected in a fixed container. Of course, if it’s the picturesque lakeside camping site you’ve got your eye on, take advantage of natures most precious elements and enjoy your morning shower fuelled by freshly warmed lake water.

  • Additional Accessories

Some portable showers come with additional nozzles for cleaning animals or storage areas to keep your toiletries off the ground. Consider whether these are important to you when making this purchase and you’ll be fully prepared for your first shower in the great outdoors.

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