The 10 Best Solar Backpacks 2020

What Is The Best Solar Backpack?

With technology getting more and more advanced it’s no surprise that you can now buy a solar backpack, meaning that if your outside doing your preferred activity you have the luxury to charge most of the popular devices that you may have with solar backpack

We have picked the 10 Best Solar Backpacks based on the best sellers and buyer reviews, the wide range below makes it easy for you to chose the best solar backpack 2017 for your needs


Solar Backpacks Comparison Chart




30 L6.5 w
15 L6 w
45 L7 w
25 L10 w
30 L4 w
42 L7 w
Hydration Pack+Power Bank6.5 w
n/a7 w
20 L3 w
Standard Briefcase Size18 w

Best Solar Charger Backpack Under $60

For those seeking a reliable solar backpack under $60, the Wosports Solar Charger BackPack with 7W Solar Panel Charger for Hiking, Camping and Travel is ideal This attractive backpack has been fitted with a removable 7W waterproof lightweight solar to rear enabling it to see plenty of light and generate sufficient power. This power can be used to charge your smart phone, your tablet or any 5V device giving you added peace of mind when travelling away from civilisation. Sturdy and durable, this nylon backpack is water resistant and long lasting – ideal for the repeat hiking or camping addict. The backpack features ample storage including a soft padded laptop compartment and a well ventilated system keeping both you and your backpacks comfortable.


  • Designed to be long lasting and durable
  • A good wattage for the solar panel


  • Quite a bulky bag, very big
  • The solar panel, while effective, is hindered somewhat by not facing upwards

Best Solar Backpack Under $70

The Luisvanita Eco Solar Charger Backpack is the best solar backpack available on the market for under $70. This versatile, black backpack has been stitched in a lightweight, water and UV resistant recycled from used plastic and has been fitted with 1 rugged monocrystalline solar panel with 6W total peak output at 7V. Coated in a self-healing urethane, this durable panel is scratch resistant and can be used to completely charge most smart phones after 4.5hours in the sun. For easy functionality, there is a USB port and USB cable making connecting your chosen electrical advise simple and easy. An ideal choice for the avid outdoorsman.


  • Built in charger lead for the iPhone
  • A more compact design allows for a less bulky backpack


  • The solar panel is smaller, as this is a smaller bag
  • The solar panels could be pointing upwards for a better effect

Best Solar Charger Backpack With Power Bank

For those seeking the best solar charger backpack with power bank, the Zuoao solar charger internal frame backpack is suitable for all outdoors activities including hiking and camping. Internally lined with thick sponge and EVA foam material, this functional backpack is stitched from Ripstop Nylone Fabric for the ultimate comfort and waterproof protection. The removable 7W sun powered solar panel can be charged sufficiently to provide power to your smart phones, external battery packs, GPS systems and more. Ideal for those seeking adventures into the wilderness, this backpack is the ideal survival tool utilising the natural power of sunshine.


  • Detachable solar panel
  • Plenty of storage space


  • Quite bulky to carry around
  • Nylon is not the toughest material to have

Best Solar Backpack For Heavy Battery Use

For durable and reliable use, the Voltaic Systems Array Solar Backpack is an ideal choice. Made of a lightweight fabric that is both UV and water resistant and has been recycled from used plastics, this 25L backpack contains many pockets for storage including a padded area specifically for your laptop. Power is produced through the 2 monocrystalline solar panels with a collective total peak output of 10W, perfectly suitable for charging many different appliances from smart phones to laptops and compatible with all major electronic brands. When searching for the perfect solar powered backpack for heavy duty use, look no further than this smart and spacious bag.


  • Heavy duty, built for durability
  • A 10w total solar capacity


  • Heavy duty can be a double edged sword, it’s quite bulky
  • Very expensive

Best All Weather Solar Charger Backpack

The Eclipse Solar Panel Black/Orange Thin Film Solar Mobile Charging Backpack is the best all weather solar backpack on our list. This padded backpack has been stitched from durable nylon known for it’s long lasting and waterproof properties. The shoulder straps are also padded and contoured for extra comfort and there are a large number of pockets for storing and organising all your essentials. The Solar Module panel fitted to the front of the backpack generates enough power to provide up to 4 Watts of energy for charging your electronic devices and the USB port makes it easy to connect appliances as and when you need. Practically is also key with the bag’s water bottle pockets and padded area for storing laptops up to 15″ in size.


  • Small and compact, makes for an easy carrying experience
  • Still has room for a laptop or tablet


  • Smaller solar panel
  • Storage space is limited

Best Solar Charger With Hydration Pack

For the best solar backpack with hydration pack, the ECEEN External Frame Camping Backpack should be considered for the avid hiker or camper. This backpack has been built for comfort with a removable external frame that can be adjusted according to your torso length, a structured mesh back panel, padded straps and a foam hip belt which offers ventilated comfort. The removable 7W monocrystalline solar phone panel charger has been chosen for it’s high efficiency. There is also a high capacity battery charger included with double USB enabling to you to store power and charge your electrical appliances when needed. Finally, the main highlight to this backpack is the 2L hydration pack that has passed all food regulations and enables you to drink with ease on the go. Perfect for those on the go.


  • Detachable solar panel
  • Good quality design and materials


  • Bulky, quite cumbersome to carry around
  • Quite heavy for a backpack

Best Solar Power Backpack For Cycling

If it’s a solar backpack suitable for cyclists your looking for, the Huntvp Solar Backpack is the best choice available. This large and comfortable backpack features a front stretchable strap that can easily hold your cycling helmet while the 2L water bladder and 1M flexible drinking pipe enable you to hydrate on the go. The removable 6.5W/6V solar panel has been fitted to the outside, allowing light to easily reach it and generating electricity while you cycle to your destination. Finally, for your safety and peace of mind, the backpack has been stitched with 4 reflective bars allowing other road users to easy spot you from a distance


  • Solar panel detaches for ease of use
  • There’s a good wattage available


  • A bigger backpack can be hard to carry for long periods of time
  • Not suitable for rainy weather or extremely hot temperatures

Best Survival Solar Backpack

The Eunichara Solar Power Charge backpack is the best 4 in 1 survival solar backpack in our lineup. The sports quality nylon is both waterproof and promises performance and reliability. Ideal for storing and transporting all your camping and hiking supplies.


  • Strategically positioned solar panels
  • Designed to be durable and long lasting


  • It’s a bulky backpack
  • A smaller solar panel despite the size of the bag

Best Solar Backpack For Laptops/Tablets

Looking for a solar backpack for laptops/tablets? The EnerPlex Packr Executive Solar Powered Backpack features on our top 10 list with it’s lightweight and functional properties. Fitted with a 3 watt integrated solar panel that can generate enough power to charge up your smart phones, tablets and laptops with ease, this backpack also has enough pockets and compartments to store all you essential devices and tools. Durability is guranteed with the solar panel finished in a water resistant coating and designed to withstand all manner of shocks, drops and minor punctures. 100% made in Denver and built with the World’s Most Awarded Solar Panel.


  • Lightweight design and shape
  • Smaller backpack makes it easier to carry


  • Smaller solar panel than other models
  • Limited storage capacity

Best Solar Briefcase

The smart Voltaic Systems Generator Solar Charger Briefcase makes our list for the best solar briefcase. In the standard briefcase size, the briefcase is made from a lightweight and durable fabric made from recycled plastic which is both water and UV resistant. spacious within, this bag has 575 cubic inches of storage space including a padded laptop sleeve for laptops up to 17″ and document sleeve. The rugged monocrystalline solar panel can generate a total peak of 17.6W and is capable of charging many different electrical devices from your smartphone to your DSLR camera. Power is stored through the removable and portable V72 battery pack with selectable outputs that can also be charged from the wall and car chargers.


  • Laptop sized
  • Compatible with laptops of all shapes and sizes


  • Smaller solar panel, takes a longer time to charge
  • Can only really store a laptop sized bit of technology

Buyers Guide – Best Solar Backpack

  • One of the most important things you should consider when purchasing a solar backpack is how much storage the backpack can provide. The size you’ll need will depend entirely on what you plan to store inside of it.
  • Another thing you should consider is the weight of the backpack while it is empty. Obviously, you don’t want a backpack which is very heavy when empty, otherwise carrying it with objects inside could be too much of a strain on the back. As you’ll most likely be carrying your bag for quite a long time, you should make sure that the backpack is as light as possible before you begin filling it.
  • A third point to keep in mind is what type of solar panel you’ll be getting with your backpack. You should make sure you know if the solar panel is going to be able to provide the power you’re looking for, and also if it will detach from the backpack, or instead if it is built in.
  • Finally, you should consider the budget you’re allowing for the backpack. As a general rule, you get whatever you pay for, so it’s up to you how much you allow yourself to spend on the solar backpack.
5 Reasons Why You Need A Solar Backpack
  • Backpacking, where ever your backpacking adventure may be, considering your on a limit to the belongings you can take then one of these solar backpack is a must, you can store all the essential items you need for your trip and you have the ability to charge your devices while traveling or chilling on the beach
  • Festivals, if you have ever been to a weekend festival then you will know the frustration when your camera or phone goes dead, the simple solution would be to carry a power bank with you but then what do you do when that also runs out. A solar backpack solves that problem instantly
  • Camping, if your out camping then you might also have camping lights and other useful electronic devices with you that all need power, with a solar backpack you can use it to charge these devices and use it to carry your must have belongings too
  • Fishing, if your out fishing and using any electrical devices then a solar backpack is perfect as many of them are capable of holding all your belongings needed and give you a source of power
  • Emergency Situation, it doesn’t matter where you are, if your in the car or out hunting in the woods. Using one of these backpacks is a great idea because no matter the situation, you have peace of mind that an emergency power source is on hand at any time of the day

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