The 10 Best Solar Fans 2020 – Buyers Guide

What Is The Best Solar Fan?

Keeping a tab on your footprint on this world is becoming a topic of more and more interest with homeowners. The use of alternative fuels that put less strain on our resources has increased in popularity of the years and we are now at a point where the vast majority of once solely electrical-run machines can now be effectively powered by alternative means.

In this equation, the humble fan hasn’t been left behind with solar fans continuing to rise in popularity. Using the power harnessed from sunlight rays, these reliable machines have been designed to reduce the temperature within a room or enclosed environment while improving general air circulation as well.

In this article, we’ve rounded up the best solar fans available on the market according to buyer reviews to ensure you’ll find the exact model to fit your requirements

Best Solar Fans Comparison Chart

Best Solar Stand Fan
Best Solar Gable Fan
Best Solar Window Fan
Best Solar Fan Hat
Best Solar Attic Fan
Solar Dog House Fan
Solar Indoor Ceiling Fan
Solar Travel Fan
Solar Camping Fan

Best Stand Up Solar Fan

As a practical alternative to your traditional occelating fan, the Cowin Solar Fan System provides adequate air flow in any room with the power of solar energy. Designed to emulate what we traditionally envision when someone mentions a household fan, this multi-speed model performs at 1000RPM at low speed and 1350RPM at high speed.

With the capability to be powered through an AC power adaptor as well as a DW power unit from the 15W solar panel, the fan is installed with a rechargeable battery and finished with an overcharge/discharge protection system. The solar unit can also be used to effectively power a mobile phone, Mp3 or Mp4 player and other mobile devices with the inclusion of a single USB port. Effectively supplying cool air throughout any office or room around the home, this fan is a lightweight and compact option for taking your first steps into solar air flow.

Uses: Mainly can be used in houses to cool medium to large rooms, could also be used for garages and other small outdoor buildings


  • Plenty of power to cool down any room
  • Solar powered for another way to protect the environment


  • Quite big and bulky
  • Can be quite expensive

Best Solar Gable Roof Fan

In households with a conscious outlook on eco-friendly power, the ECO-WORTHY Solar Powered Attic Ventilator is a permanent installation within the home. This powerful unit completely vents a 2,200 cubic square foot area while providing up to 1960 cubic feet per minute of ventilation.

Working effectively at low voltage and making it an ideal choice for cloudier or light-poor conditions, this easily mounted unit has a 30W poly foldable solar panel with adjustable features and a 1 piece 16ft solar cable allowing you to easily angle it toward the brightest light. Reducing the load on your air conditioning unit and effectively reducing your overall cooling costs, this solar fan is easy to install and fits onto most house shapes.

Uses: Fits at the gable of a house or log cabin to cool the attic


  • Provides ventilation for a very broad space
  • Intelligent design ensures a simplistic operation


  • Expensive cost, as you might expect from a big vent system
  • The solar panels are big, which is good from a power output perspective but bad in terms of size

Solar Powered Car Window Fan

For car owners everywhere, the SUGERYY Solar Powered Car Window shield Cooling System effectively reduces the tole on your air conditioning unit. Used primarily to purify the air within the car, this easily installed unit fits onto the windshield of your vehicle and works to blog hot air out of a parked car while maintaining pleasant odour control at all times.

This temperature lowering device helps to protect the internal workings of your vehicle while also providing a non-toxic driving environment for you and your entire family. Provided with full instruction for installation and running, this solar powered fan window car is the one motor vehicle accessory you never knew you needed.

Uses: Great for cooling parked cars, caravans or motor homes


  • Inexpensive to buy
  • Quite compact and suitable for a car


  • You get what you pay for
  • Smaller size equates to a smaller output

Solar Fan Hat

During the hottest days, ensure your health is at the forefront of importance with the Kool Breeze Solar Hat. Designed to emulate a traditional cowboy hat with it’s wide brim and woven organic straw, this lightweight accessory offers high quality UV protection by blocking out around 98% of UV radiation.

Suitable for use when hiking, walking or working in the garden, the hat has been fitted with a compact solar powered unit on the top which powers the fully functioning fan at the front. Blowing air through onto the head and keeping the body cool, this portable unit is the ideal choice for the active man who need to ensure his body is kept at it’s comfiest all day long.

Uses: Great for outdoor activities like fishing


  • Functional yet wearable
  • Protects from the sun for an added bonus


  • Made of straw, possibly not waterproof, avoid use in humid areas
  • Cooling function is limited only to the hat

Solar Attic Fan

When the entire family understands the importance of sustainable energy, the Natural Light Solar Attic Fan makes for the perfect household addition. Developed by an industry leader, this high quality solar attic fan is easily installed on the roof top with no wiring ensuring the least disruption to your everyday life as possible.

Suitable for installation on pitched fiber glass, asphalt and shingle roofs, this completely USA built model has an adjustable solar panel that can be moved up to 45 degrees for optimal light exposure. Powered by a 36 watt solar panel, the unit is suitable for use when ventilating an attic space on a daily basis and can dramatically reduce your aid conditioning costs with the power of natural energy. A single fan is suitable for use with up to 2625 square foot of attic space.

How does a solar attic fan work?

The fan is placed onto the rooftop and draws out the hot air in the attic using a motorized fan, using one of these fans can reduce attic temperature by up to 40c


  • Draws power from the roof, not an eyesore inside the property
  • A big unit ensures plenty of power


  • It is an eyesore for the outside of the property
  • Very expensive to buy and use on a domestic property

Solar Dog House Fan

Caring for your beloved four legged friend takes priority with the installation of the ASL Solutions Dog House Solar Powered Exhaust Fan. Powered completely by solar energy, this functional exhaust fan removes hot and stuffy air from inside your pooches home and replaces it with cool, filtered air that promises to help maintain their optimal health.

With the ability to remove and replace air within a traditional dog home five times per minute, this easily installed unit attaches to any opening with the solar panel working best in direct sunlight.

Uses: A simple fan to cool outdoor dog houses, could also be used for chicken coops or other small animal houses


  • Helps to keep dogs cool during summer
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • A smaller size solar panel means a reduced output
  • The trailing wire is a risk among animals that like to bite things

Solar Indoor Ceiling Fan

The Generic Solar Ceiling Fan and Controller has been designed specifically for installation inside the home and helps to keep air flow consistent during those warmer months. Operating with a 110 – 240V voltage, this entire unit comes standard with a 48 inch rotating fan for installation on your ceiling and a 30W solar panel for generating energy using light.

Spreading consistently flowing air throughout your home while still maintaining that traditional style that many household favour, this unit promises to deliver 6800 CFM and comes with a 2 year manufacturers guarantee for peace of mine.

Uses: Simple fan for small indoor rooms and great for gazebos or other outdoors structures


  • 48 inch fan ensures plenty of cool air is generated
  • Sufficient power for the summer months


  • Ceiling fan is possibly not compatible in all homes
  • Quite a bulky device

Solar Travel Fan

When you and your family are on the move or simply choose to camp in the warming sun, the Solar Panel Travel Cooling Fan is an environmental and reliable way to ensure everyone is comfortable in the hottest weather conditions.

Designed with lightweight construction in mind, this portable unit is the ideal choice for all manner of outdoor activities and comes as standard with a 10W solar panel and 6” fan. Weighing in at just 0.5kg and linked using a single USB port, this budget friendly option appeals to those with a keen interest in outdoor holidays or excursions.

Uses: Perfect for camping and anywhere you might need a small fan


  • Compact and environmentally friendly
  • Quite inexpensive


  • Smaller output equals a smaller area cooled
  • Only 5w of power available

Solar Camping Fan

During your next camping trip, keep the temperatures comfortable for every member of your party with the BicycleStore 3 in 1 Multi Function Portable Solar Fan. This slimline unit has a double charge design that enables it to draw power from both the sun and also an electrical mains device if available.

The fan has multi function settings that allow it to also function as an LED table lamp or spotlight torch in darker conditions. Place this unit anywhere around your campsite with the solar panel directed towards the strongest light source and experience the cooling sensations that once reserved themselves to lakeside retreats. For convenience in all manner of different scenarios, this solar camping fan is the ideal choice for the keen outdoors man.

Uses: Can be used while camping, in the car or anywhere you need it


  • Stylish and appealing to look at
  • Compact enough to be taken out and about


  • You get what you pay for
  • Smaller design means that there is reduced capability, trade off for portability

Best Solar Fan Buyers Guide

  • Available space

As with all household purchases, it is important to take into consideration the available space you have to house a solar fan. Are you looking for a large unit to power your entire home and can dedicate the full width of your roof to it’s installation or are you working on a smaller scale and simply want an ecological option for cooling your living room? Choosing an appropriate unit for your free space will reduce the risk of repeated purchase in the future while ensuring all your air cooling needs are met efficiently.

  • Location required

Where in the home or your desired environment are you looking to house your solar fan? Remember that these units are powered, usually solely, by light energy and need to be placed in a location that allows for optimal exposure to the sun. If you’re looking to house your unit inside, do you have a large window or outdoor area where it can gain it’s charge first or will you have to reconfigure your room layout to achieve this? Alternatively, if you’re looking for a solar fan to accompany you on your camping trips, does the unit you have chosen run solely on solar power or do you need to find an electrical source nearby for additional charge?

  • High or Low Voltage

Taking note of a solar fans voltage will indicate how well it can perform in low-light scenarios such as cloud cover. Low voltage units can usually draw as much energy as possible out of minimal light sources making them a fine choice for excursions and use during Autumn while high voltage units primarily require direct sunlight to charge them to full capacity.

  • Installation Time

Depending on the scenario in which you are purchasing a solar fan, you may wish to take into consideration the installation time. This primarily refers to solar fans that are inbuilt within your home so those that sit on a roof but can also apply on hot and sticky days when you need instant access to cooler air. Does the unit you are interested in simply switch on and reserve it’s power from the last charge or will you have to plan in advance to reap the benefits? Equally, if you are looking for an attic solar fan, how much is this going to impact your everyday life during installation and is this a scenario you are prepared to proceed with?

  • Noise

Finally, consider the noise levels of these fans. Some people enjoy the gentle hum of fans and use them as a sleeping aid while others will find them just as irritating as a persistent fly. Ensure you are aware of the noise output in your selected solar fan to ensure it does not become an annoyance in your everyday life.

5 Reasons To Choose A Solar Fan

1. Solar Fans are a great addition to your camping equipment without the additional worry of suitable electric ports at your camp site.
2. Solar Fans help to reduce your overall electricity costs by taking some of the load off of expensive air-conditioning units
3. Solar Fans helps to reduce you and your family’s emissions footprint and are kinder to the environment.
4. Solar Fans are a quick and effective way of removing stuffy, hot air from a room making them perfect for use with small children or animals.
5. Solar Fans are usually easy to transport with minimal wiring required to get them up and running again.


How does a solar fan work?

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