The 10 Best Solar Power Banks 2020

Sometimes a situation arises in life that you may need a solar power bank, if you are using a phone, gps system or anything small electrical product, the chances are you have “gone empty” on power when you most needed solar power bank

Well these products solve that problem in a special way, let’s take a look below at the best solar power bank. Most the power banks available are good enough for what you need if your going to be located near a power source to recharge them, that’s where these Power Banks come in as they can charge using solar panels, either built in or as part of a kit

 Best Solar Power Bank Comparison Chart

Solar Power Bank ModelStored PowerTime To Fully ChargedIphone Charges

5200 mAH4 HoursUpto 40%
5000 mAH6-7 Hours1 Full CHarge
10,000 mAH12 Hours2-3 Full Charges
15,000 mAH10-12 Hours3-5 Full Charges
16,000 mAH12-15 Hours5.5 Full Charges
20,000 mAH12-15 Hours2-5 Full Charges
23,000mAH10-15 Hours2-6 Full Charges
175Wh6-8 Hours19 Full Charges
16,000 mAH5 Hours8 Full Charges
1250W30 Hours100 Full Charges

Best Power Bank For Car Travelling

The Lutin Tech™ Solar charger allows you to take convenient charging capabilities wherever you go. Requiring just sunlight to charge, this highly portable unit can be attached to the window using silicon suction pads giving it ample sunlight for efficient usage. The solar chargers design allows it to be protected from potential water spray in any direction while it’s lightweight bulk means it can be easily transported on your person wherever your travels take you. The charger is compatible with a wide variety of devices and has been fitted with a lithium-ion polymer battery which acts as a power bank and promises that you will never run out of charge.


  • Small and easily transportable
  • Can stick to walls and other surfaces



  • A smaller size equates to a smaller solar panel
  • Cheaper than other models, you get what you pay for

Best Lightweight Power Bank

The Dizaul Portable Solar Charger doubles as a power bank and is highly durable. Tested and guaranteed as water resistant, shock-proof for use after drops or knocks and finished with a football grain design for anti-ski, this is the ultimate, highly-durable charging unit. Crafted from eco-friendly silicone rubber and ABS + PC material, this useful unit features a hook for storage and handy USB ports enabling you to easily charge your smart phones, tablets or other USB chargeable devices. Available in a variety of colours depending on your personal style, this portable and effective charging unit is ideal for charging your devices on the go.


  • Lightweight design
  • Waterproof for outdoor use


  • Smaller solar panel
  • In terms of materials, there’s not much to protect the panel

Best Cheap Power Bank

The Dostyle Solar Charger delivers high capacity charging of 10000mAh all powered by economical solar energy. This compact unit is ideal for portable charging, featuring dual LED emergency lights with three modes and a built in smart compass for helpful orientation on your adventures. The single carbine provides allows you to hang this unit from your back pack while the durable and reliable ABS+PC+Silicone construction promises water resistant, dust proof and shock resistant performance – ideal for camping and hiking. Charge your unit using the dual USB ports, ideal for most digital equipment and able to charge two devices simultaneously.


  • Portable for convenience
  • Dual LED emergency lights


  • Can’t generate lots of power due to size
  • If it somehow becomes un-clipped while out and about, you’re not gonna know about i

Best Selling Power Bank

The Fkant Solar Charger is a high capacity device that uses a rechargeable li-polymer battery for portable charging of your digital devices. The large solar panel to the front gathers sun light and efficiently turns it into power ideal for emergencies and reliable charging when outside of the home. Supplied with two USB ports, this unit can be used to simultaneously charge two devices and is fully compatible with most major brands and devices. To the rear, 4 LED indication lights show the power status while the 6 high-bright LED beads can be used as a torch in an emergency.


  • Dual USB ports for charging two things at once
  • Works with a range of devices


  • Using two things at once may run power supplies down faster
  • While it can be carried in the hand, it is quite bulky

Best Waterproof Solar Power Bank

The OUTXE solar powered charger is an ideal choice for the active outdoors man. Rugged in design, this waterproof, dust proof, shock resistant and non-slip device can be easily hung from your backpack and is an ideal choice for the avid camper, hiker or backpacker. The high quality and efficient solar charger converts sunlight into useful power and stores it in the power bank. With a 16000mAH capacity, this compact machine can easily charge powerful smart phones such as the iPhone or Galaxy S7 with ease using the premium battery cells and sophisticated smart ICs within. This solar powered charged is finished off with bright LED flashlights for emergency use.


  • Built to be durable
  • Can provide lots of power


  • Smaller size
  • One of the more expensive models

Best Solar Power Bank 20000mah

The Noza Tec solar battery charger is a portable and lightweight device finished with an attractive casing for all your charging needs. With a 20000mAh capacity, this power bank charger features dual USB ports allowing you to charge two units simultaneously while the durable outer case promises to be super waterproof, dust proof, shockproof and drop resistant. Suitable for use with a wide variety of different digital appliances and brands, this powerful device is compact and lightweight and features an LED battery status indicator for accurate use every time. An ideal choice for any user from the business man on the go right through to the avid hiker.


  • Much more heavy duty, bigger solar panel
  • A lot more power available


  • The trade off for more power is a bulkier object, it’s not going to fit into a pocket as easily
  • Waterproof to a certain point, avoid intense exposure to water

Best Multi-Voltage Power Bank

The Casewarehouse universal solar power bank is a compact, high capacity charger with 23000mAh and the ability to fully charge your device on the go. With a wide range of output voltages and fitted with DC and USB sockets for a multitude of different devices, this useful device has 4 LED lights indicating battery life and remaining power and will automatically shut down after 30 seconds if not connected to an electrical device to preserve battery. Multiple items can be charged at the same time using the dual USB ports and the voltage used can easily be adjusted according to the needs of different laptops.


  • Can charge pretty much any device with a USB
  • LED lights indicate battery


  • Difficult to carry in one hand due to size
  • Very expensive model

Best All-in-One Generator Kit

The Renogy KIT-FIREFLY 20W All-in-One Generator kit is a high power and durable charging unit – ideal for the outdoors man. With a straightforward LC display, this generator kit is fitted with various outputs for charging a wide range of devices from smart phones to laptops. Designed for mobile, off-grid applications, the compact unit is fitted with a comfortable handle and folds into a small briefcase style box. Providing a maximum of 175Wh of energy, this useful kit has an internal 10A charge controller allowing for the addition of a 12V solar panel and a 5.5mm adaptor cable with DC to MC4 connectors for expanding your system. With an LED flight programmed for both lighting and SOS mode, this is an ideal choice for the avid camper.


  • A very big solar panel
  • Can power pretty much anything with ease


  • This is not an easy model to carry around
  • There’s more risk of larger panels breaking

Best Power Bank For Camping/Wilderness

The SunJack Solar Charger with Power Bank is a foldable and highly portable charging unit ideal for backpacking, camping and hiking. Folding down to the size of an iPad, this rugged device can easily fit into any backpack and promises to be shock proof, dust proof and drop proof after testing by the US Military. Built with two high capacity 8000mAh power banks promising to charge your smart phone up to 75% faster than standard solar chargers. Providing wall-outlet charging speeds, the device has a built-in smart IC chip which intelligently identifies your device and maximizes charging speed. With a hassle free warranty, this is the ideal choice for keen outdoors men.


  • Compact and Easy to Use
  • Large surface area for solar panels


  • The folding nature leaves it more likely to be torn
  • It’s not something which is suitable for on the move

Best Solar Generator Kit

The Goal Zero 39004 Yeti 1250 XXL Solar Generator Kit is a high power and durable device ideal for sharing large electronic devices outside of a domestic environment. With a rugged and practical appearance, the unit is fitted with two Boulder 30 solar panels with the ability to charge Yeti 1250 in 24 hours and framed by a robust tempered glass and aluminium frame. Suitable for use with large appliances such as power lights, refrigerators and health car equipment, the Goal Zero charger is silent and safe to operate indoors with no external cord or fumes produced during use.


  • Can generate more than enough power for your needs
  • No cords at all


  • You’re not carrying this around for extended periods of time
  • More susceptible to damages

Best Solar Power Bank Buyers Guide

  • One of the first things you should consider is the devices you’re looking to provide power to. Is it a phone or a tablet you need to charge, or a laptop or a GPS? Making sure you know what you’ll be using the solar bank for will help you to make the right choice
  • Another thing you should definitely consider is if you plan to use the solar bank either indoors or outdoors. This will affect the type of solar bank you buy, and whether or not is is waterproof will play a big role in deciding if you do buy it
  • You should also consider how long it takes to charge the solar bank. Those banks which take longer may not be suitable for the quick and easy solar bank you may have wanted
  • Something else which you should consider is how often you plan to use the solar bank once it has been charged. If you’re looking for a quick boost every now and then, you’ll want something which is different to a model which provides a steady flow of power
  • One of the other things that you should consider is how portable you need the solar bank to actually be. If you want something which doesn’t take up loads of room, then you’ll want to hunt around for a particular model
  • A final thing you should consider is the budget you’re going to put aside for the solar pack. You’ll get whatever you pay for, so make sure that you put aside suitable funds for the solar pack you need.
5 Reasons Why You Need A Solar Power Bank
  • The most obvious reasons to buy a solar power bank is the convenience of being able to charge the power bank using sun light wherever you are located, compared to normal power banks that need to be charged from other sources before use, then once drained can not be charged on the move without an external power source
  • The solar power banks are designed to charge most small devices like phones, ipads or gps systems making them a must have tool if your needing extra power while on the move
  • Many of the power banks we have below in our 10 best list are portable and can be carried in your pocket or backpack, although at the bottom of the list we do have a few solar power banks that are larger and designed for heavy use that are more suitable for long term off the grid uses
  • An affordable source of power, with using the sun as your main source of power to charge these devices the only main cost in the purchase of the device itself, you can charge your power bank for free all day and every when you need it
  • Many of the power banks we have on our list below will charge your phone more than once, perfect if you have several devices that need a power boost