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When venturing out for a long weekend camping with family or friends, the food you plan to prepare and eat will probably be one of the major elements of planning required in advance. Being away from everyday amenities like a fridge, freezer or oven means thinking ahead of time and planning meals that can either be stored easily in a cool dark place, packed away in a cool bag or eaten quickly without the time to spoil. Remembering the essential camping food list that is simple, easy to buy and bring with you

Cooking suddenly takes on a whole new dimension when you go back to nature with a hot campfire just moments away from sparking to life at any point. And the whole family can get involved in preparing an evening meal or lunchtime snack each and every day of your holiday. In this article, we have pulled together a non-exhaustive list of some of the best camping foods for ensuring a stress free and enjoyable break away

So Let’s Take A Look At The Camping Food List

  • Freeze dried food

Freeze dried food has been specially frozen or dehydrated to make storage and transport as easy as possible on your next camping trip. Simply pop your chosen bag in a saucepan of boiling water and, within minutes, you’ll have a delicious meal ready to plate up just as if you were all sat around the table at home.

  • Flatbreads

Flatbreads make a fantastic bread substitute that stay fresh for longer and take just as delicious with all your normal bread accompanying ingredients. Using just four ingredients (flour, oil, salt and warm water, you can create piles of tasty flatbreads that worn well when wrapped around warm mean, slathered with lashing of jam and butter or dipped in soups for a filling meal on the go.

  • Halloumi

This firm cheese holds up really well when transported and is a delicious addition to any meal. Enjoy cold and tossed with a salad or warm slices of halloumi up on the campfire to have alongside warm chicken or beef in a wrap. This delicious cheese has a very high melting point so is an ideal choice for those warmer days and nights.

  • Chorizo

Chorizo is a ready-cured sausage that can be purchased in advance and kept in a cool dry place for many days. It is the ideal camping food as it’s smoky flavour is delicious both cold as a quick snack or warmed over the campfire to accompany eggs at breakfast or rices for an evening meal.

  • Sardines

Available in a tin and easy to transport, these wholesome fish are usually quite meaty and are an ideal choice for larger groups. Pack a couple of these small tins into your backpack and enjoy them spread over bread at lunchtime of chucked in with a large bowl of pasta for dinner. The opportunities are endless!

  • Rice Pouches

Boil-in-the-bag rice pouches are an ideal choice for the avid camper. Providing essential carbohydrates for a busy and active day, these pouches are ready in minutes. Simply chuck your bag in a bowl of boiling water for the specified time frame and watch as each puffy grain of rice fluffs up into a delicious and filling addition to any meal.

  • Tinned fruit

Tinned food is an ideal choice for every camper as it travels easily and has usually been processed to extend it’s shelf time. For a quick and sweet evening treat, canned fruit makes a delightful choice with the addition of canned customer or mixed with granola for a healthy breakfast choice.

  • Canned Chick peas

Dense in structure, chickpeas are a brilliant alternative to meat or heavier carbohydrates when on the move. The canned variety are the best as they require the least preparation so why not mix them with a one-pot-chilli or throw over a bag of salad leaves and dressing for a refreshingly simply lunch time meal.

  • Marshmallows

Synonymous with camping, marshmallows are a staple addition to any camping trip. As a quick sugary pick-me-up after a long hike or melted over wooden sticks during an evening campfire, a bag of marshmallows can be easily packed into your camping bag for a treat at any opportunity.

  • Spiced Nuts

Dried foods are easy to transport and can be a quick solution to fix a rumbling belly. Spiced nuts provide much needed protein after an exhaustive day and make a quick snack if someone in your party becomes peckish before the main meal is ready. Nuts also have a long shelf life so will withstand longer stints in the wild than some more perishable foods.

  • Hot Chocolate

Powdered hot chocolate is an instant hit with all after a long day of activity but also consider melting down bars of chocolate and mixing these with milk for an indulgent and hearty beverage to finish of your day. Sure to be a firm favourite with both adults and children alike.

  • Pie

When made large enough to suit your entire camping party, a pre-made or brought pie can be the ideal camping food for hungry and weary friends. Keep yours in a cool bag and they should last a few days so just make sure to plan this meal at the beginning of your trip.

  • Cereal Bars

Cereal bars are a quick and convenient way you can ensure your whole camping party gets a healthy and wholesome breakfast in before a busy day of activities. Pick pre-made ones up from most major supermarkets or make you own using granola, honey and dried fruit before you embark on your latest camping adventure.

  • Crisps

Perhaps not the healthiest of choices, but crisps are an easy to transport and long lasting snack that can be packed into the backpacks of all campers to provide a pick-me-up in-between main meals.

  • Cous Cous

Provided in it’s dried form, this lightweight and healthy carbohydrate can be transported easily in a cool and dark environment and prepared in a few minutes. Simply mix the grains with water water and leave to sit for 5 minutes for a fluffy and inviting dish that can be mixed with meats or salads for a filling and delicious meal.

  • Pancakes

Easy to prepare and make, pancakes are a low mess breakfast option that can be enjoyed with both sweet and savoury accompaniments. For extra ease, why not choose the ready made pancakes that can be purchased in most popular supermarkets and simply warm these when required.

  • Oatmeal or Porridge

A quick and healthy breakfast, oatmeal and porridge can both be mixed with warm water or milk to create a breakfast that promises to keep you full for longer. And both oats can be transported easily in a cool and dry place and kept for weeks while still maintaining it’s freshness.

  • Scrambled egg (in a bag)

Although eggs are perishable and must be eaten within a short period of time, preparing pre-made omelette bags can be a quick and convenient way of transporting eggs without the fragile shells. Simply mix up your desired ingredients in a lock tight sandwich bag and submerge in boiling water when required.

  • Fish

When cooked in tin foil, fish is a great meal with minimal preparation time. Choose your desired fillet, place onto a sheet of tin foil with seasoning and a squirt of lemon juice and simply wrap up. Once your campfire or BBQ is heated up nicely, these little parcels can simply be placed on the coals for a slow cook that will ensure your first is tender and juice when it emerges.

  • BBQ Staples

If you’re planning on feeding a large party on your next trip, taking a portable BBQ with you could be the perfect solution. All BBQ staples are ideal for cooking out and about, from sausages to burgers, and can be easily transported in a cool box. Do take note of the ‘use before’ dates and avoid keeping raw meat out of a refrigerator for more than a day to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

  • Pasta

Pasta is an easy to transport and quick to prepare meal that can be eaten at any time of the day and by all members of the family. Batch cook dry pasta on your arrival to the camp site and you can enjoy cold pasta salads for lunch during the week or make a big bowl of cheesy pasta for an evening meal.

  • Instant tea & coffee

For those individuals that need their caffeine fix in the morning, instant tea and coffee is a must have for any camping trip. Simply mix these handy sachets with boiling water from your travel kettle or made using the heat from a campfire for a toasty beverage that promises to warm those aching muscles in the morning.

  • Powdered soups

Sachets of dried soups are the perfect choice for those colder camping trips where a warm meal needs to be in quick supply. Simply mix with boiling water and you’re just moments away from a warm and wholesome meal that can be made and consumed in one cup – reducing unnecessary washing up.

  • Potatoes

Although these will not last for long, potatoes can be wrapped in tin foil and placed into the embers of a BBQ or camp fire to cook while you enjoy a few hours of peaceful bliss. Simply unravel as the fire dies out and you’ll have a perfectly cooked jacket potato that can be enjoyed with salads or other accompaniments.

Everyone, from the most experimental of cooks right through to the novice who trembles at the thought of toasting bread, is sure to find an item above or recipe that suits them for a long camping trip. For those who need a bit more confidence in the open kitchen, preparing quick and tasty camping meals just got easier with the ‘100 Best Camping Recipes’ book by Bonnie Scott. Packed with easy to follow recipes and ingredients lists, this is the one book you don’t want to forget in your backpack when embarking on your next camping trip

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