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Planning a camping trip, either with friends or the whole family, is an exciting venture on it’s own but when you consider that there will be many hours to fill, it can all seem a bit daunting. No one wants to step out into the great outdoors and find themselves twiddling their thumbs for want of something interesting to do. But never fear, we’ve rounded up some of the best camping games you can whip out with your entire party to ensure that every moment is filled with laughter and fun.

Tent? Check! Sleeping Bag? Check! Camping games to keep everyone entertained? Umm…

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  • Charades
    A firm family favourite that has been played in living rooms across the world for years, charades is a game that can include the entire family and bring laughter on even the chilliest of evenings. A list of phrases, characters, animals or anything you can think of should be put in a hat and each player takes it in turns to select one in secret. The player must then ‘act out’ their selection without speaking and the members of their team should try to guess the answer as quickly as possible. The winning team are the ones who decipher the most answers in the fastest time.
  • Cloud Watching
    Cloud watching is a relaxing pass time that you can easily turn on it’s head in a competitive twist. Get the rest of your camping party to lie on their backs, staring into the sky. Each camper then takes it in turns to point out what they can see in the clouds. Maybe one resembles a bunny rabbit while another looks like a roaring fire truck. The person who finds the most inventive object in the clouds (that can be agreed on by every player) wins.
  • Telling Stories
    A few hours of story telling will both inspire the mind and drive your imagination to places you never dreamed possible. There are a few ways to add a unique twist to this ever popular pass time. Perhaps you each take it in turns to add a single sentence to a story and see where the plot takes you. Or perhaps you take a classic story, such as a well loved fairy tale, and add in new twists and turns throughout until the main characters find themselves in hilarious new predicaments. The choice is yours!
  • Scavenger Hunt
    If you go camping and don’t do a scavenger hunt, have you even camped? Scavenger hunts are an interactive game where the organiser will give out a list of items that players must go out and seek in order to win. This can be anything from a bright red leaf right up to the more obscure blue petal flower – the choice is yours. And the great thing about this game is that no matter how many campers you have taking part, there are an endless supply of scavenger items to find in the great outdoors so the game can go on for ever!
  • ‘I spy’
    “I spy with my little eye…” – a classic phrase uttered during many a car journey but now one that can easily be re imagined during your next camping trip. With a new environment to explore and a wide range of new items to spy, this game is one that can be played by the young and old and one that requires very little previous knowledge. Vary your games by spying items of different colours, heights or ‘words that begin with the letter…’.
  • The Alphabet Game
    Another game that has it’s origins based in car journeys is The Alphabet Game. The simple instructions mean that each player must attempt to find an object in their surrounding environment that begins with the next letter of the alphabet. For example, player one might point out an ‘Ant and the next player would need to find something that begins with the letter ‘B’ such as a ‘Bee’. The game goes on from here until you reach ‘Z’. Alternatively, if you wish to be more competitive, each player can take part in a race against time to complete the alphabet on their own and the fastest competitor wins.
  • Name That Tune
    For the music lovers in us all, ‘Name That Tune’ is a fun loving game suitable for the entire family and one that can bring hours of enjoyment. All players must listen to an exert from a well known song and try to think of the songs full name. The game can then be played in two different ways – either the fastest player to shout out the song’s name wins a point or each player writes down their guess in secret and these answers are all shared at the end. In this instance, the player with the most correct answers will be the winner.
  • Twenty Questions
    A game that has been around since the 19th century, Twenty Questions inspired each player to put their minds to hard work in an attempt to decipher the answer. To play, one player must either think of or be given in secret the name of a character or object and the other plays can ask 20 questions in order to guess what it is. The main player can only answer with just a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ meaning the other players must think hard about their questions to ensure they get the most information out of each one.
  • Two Truths and A Lie
    A game that has been played as an ice breaker in offices for many years, 2 truths and 1 lie is an interesting game that can be played with as big a group as you’d like. The main player must make 3 statements about themselves – two of which will be true and the third must be a lie. The aim of the game for the rest of the players is to discuss amongst themselves and decipher which statement is the lie. To win, the team must decipher the most lies while each player must aim to make it as hard as possible to make this guess.

Camping Games For Friends And Family

Glowing Ring Toss Game

When the sun goes down, dig out your Glowing Ring Toss Game and get the whole family involved. Simple in it’s design, the kit contains two green target stakes and four fibre optic LED throwing rings. Once you have staked your targets a decent distance away from the start time, each player takes it in turns to throw their rings. The player that gets the most rings over the stakes is the winner! This game can be altered depending on how many players you have – larger groups can take it in turns to throw all four rings on each go while smaller groups can compete with red VS blue.

Balloon Dodge Ball Game

Inspired by the traditional, dodge ball game, the Balloon Dodge Ball Game makes cooling down on a hot day hours of hilarious fun. Split your campers into two groups, slip on your special vest and load your water balloons. One team makes it their goal to hit as many members of the other team as possible with water balloons. Your vests will each react every time they come into contact with water and will start a tally. The highest score wins while the loosers will find themselves drenched – a welcome result during the hottest of days.

Traditional Ring Toss

Traditional ring toss is another simple game that is perfect for packing up alongside your tent for your next camping holiday. Designed to include the entire family and aiding small children in their fine motor control skills, this comprehensive set features a wooden cross base with marking pegs and four knot rings. The aim of the game is to rack up the most points by successfully throwing your ring over the wooden stakes that stand for the highest points. The whole game also comes in a handy storage back which makes taking it to your next location as easy as possible.


Moving a traditional pub favourite into the great outdoors, Jarts is an aerodynamic game that includes the whole family. Featuring brightly coloured target rings that you can place around your tent or in any open space, the aim of the game is to toss the soft-grip darts as close to the centre of the target as possible. Taking the sharp edges away that traditional darts are famed for, this family safe game is great for all ages and is lightweight enough to easily transport to your next camping trip

Kan Jam

A fun game that can be played with just two people, Kan Jam is a disc throwing game where the aim is to get the disc in the opposing ‘kan’. Placing the ‘kans’ on opposite sides, you and your partner will take it in turns to throw and deflect the can. You will receive points if you do one of the following things – kit your opponents ‘kan’, get the disc inside the ‘kan’ through the top opening and get the disc inside the ‘kan’ through the slot opening. You must receive 21 points to win unless you get your disc through the ‘kans’ slot in which case you win instantly.

Kids Agains Diskee

Kids Agains Diskee is a hardwearing outdoors game that can easily be folded up into a transportable size for taking on your next camping trip. The aim is to for each player to get their disc through the slot and rack up the most points. A great game for larger groups that has simple rules to include the entire family, this easy to construct game is a must have on your next camping trip.

Frizbe Golf

Suitable for everyone from ages 5 and up, Frizbe Golf takes the excitement of playing a par 3 round of golf with the entire family. Including six mini Frisbees that slip in between the chain markers easily. Designed to catch your disc, each player will be marked on the number of attempts it takes you to get your chain in the Frisbee golf target. Ideal for bringing with you on your next camping trip, choose this exciting alternative outdoors game.

Jungle Croquet

Crafted to last but also slim enough to transport, Jungle Croquet is a fun and exciting game that can include everyone in your family or each of your friends. A great way to spend a few hours outside, this jungle themed game features 6 wickets that have each been shaped like wild animals. Including 4 mallets and 4 balls, set up your wickets in whatever space you have available and take it in turns to knock your ball through the hole. The number of times it takes you to get your ball through each hole adds up to make your final score. The player with the lowest score is the winner!

Garden Skittle Game

A game that can easily pack into your backpack, garden skittles is a great way to bring the whole family together on a charming Summer afternoon. Modelled on the traditional skittles game, this wooden alternative is crafted from wood making it ideal for outdoors activity. Teaching children about hand eye coordination, the aim of the game is simple – use your ball to knock down as many skittles as possible each time. Challenge your whole family and knock all the skittles down for a strike!

Giant Dominos

The perfect game to include all your fellow campers, Giant Dominoes is a matching game that can spread the full length of a green space! Share the dominoes out between each player and whoever has the ‘double six’ starts the battle. The aim is to use all of your dominoes up to win so keep an eye out for the numbers that match your hand.

Giant Jenga

For the most passionate of gamer, Giant Jenga brings the whole family together while challenging the steadiness of your hand. Build your Jenga tower high to start the game and decide what order each player will go on. On each go, the player must pull a Jenga block out of the tower without it tumbling over and place it back on top of your tower. The loser is the player who’s latest move causes the tower to fall down and to make it interesting, why not make them do a forfeit!

Giant Tic Tac Toe

Include the whole family in a game of Giant Tic Tac Toe and you’ll spend hours battling to be victorious. Just as simple as it’s predecessor, each player tries to make a three line of either ‘X’ or ‘O’ before their counterpart. The difference here is you play on a monumental scale with large foam blocks clicking together to form the 3 x 3 grid and oversized O’s and X’s. Enjoy two games in one with the foam blocks also clipping together to make the perfect hopscotch board.


Twister is the game beloved for many a house party and can now travel with you on your next camping trip. Specifically designed for larger groups with a bigger mat decorated with more spots, include all the members of your camping party with this hilarious game that will have you contorting into positions you’ve never been in before. The game is simple, each player spins the disc to discover which body part and colour you must connect on your next go. You must then decide how best to achieve this by twisting and turning around the other players. If you fall, you’re out and the last player standing is the winner.

Camping Games For Adults

Cards Against Humanity

When the kids go to bed, dig out Cards Against Humanity for a hilariously rude way to end your day. Each player is given a set of white cards that have specific phrases on them. Moving around the circle, you must select a black card that features a question on it. The aim is to create the most hilarious, awkward and rude answer using the cards you have at your disposal. Add in the odd drink here and there and we promise you’ll be crying with laughter before the night is out!

Drink A Palooza

Combining all the board games you used to play as a kid with the ones you now enjoy that involve alcohol, Drink A Palooza is the perfect way to get all the adults out after the kids are tucked up in their sleeping bags. Able to be played anywhere and containing everything you need to play an endless number of games, the aim is to fill up your six pack with beer bottles to win the game! Able to be played by 12 campers at on time, this drinking game brings together all those memorable nights into one single board that promises to make your next camping trip epic to say the least.

Pass Out

A hilarious way to pass the hours once the kids are asleep, Pass Out is the perfect camping game for ensuring everyone has a good old giggle. Designed on the traditional board game and suitable for 4-6 players, roll the dice to make your way around the board as you drink and recite tongue twisters on the way. After a long day hiking with the whole family, let the adults unwind with this novelty game that will have you all in hysterics from very early on.

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