Elide Fire Extinguisher Ball Review – The Best Fire Ball Ever

The Elide Fire Extinguisher Ball is a very well designed and very modern tool in fire suppression and safety, and has been built to offer the most efficient user experience possible. It has many features which are both intelligent and practical, and it’s easy to see why the device is a popular choice for fire suppression equipment.

One of the first and most impressive aspects of the Elide ball is the way in which it is used. To activate it, one simply needs to throw the ball into the fire, wherein it will activate automatically after 3-5 seconds within the fire itself. This is convenient because it removes the need for an activation button and can also be faster than someone working a conventional fire suppression device, which is preferable during an emergency when something is one fire. The modern activation of the Elide ball has also led to a compact and lightweight design, weighing in at less than 3 pounds, meaning it can be used by anyone.

Elide Fireball Demo Video

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A smarter design than anything else

The device has a wide range of uses, being suitable for classes A,B and C fires, which are ordinary combustible materials, flammable liquid fires and energized electrical fires respectively. They’re designed to stand out and be obviously identifiable as fire suppression and safety tools, being created with a red and white sign which can be attached to the wall above the ball. Another feature which is beneficial is the way the device protects the environment when in use, producing no toxic chemicals or elements which could cause harm to the surrounding air or wildlife.

The modern design really shines through with the Elide fire ball, with the radius of the fire suppression system being between 86 and 107 square feet, allowing for a large area to be covered. As well as this, the device comes with a special stand which, when exposed to flames, will cause the ball to activate of it’s own accord, which is something that was unheard of with the conventional fire extinguishers. This means that if a fire is started while you are away from the premises, then the ball can prevent it from getting out of hand by activating when it is needed, and potentially stopping the developing blaze completely.


Overall, the Elide fire suppression and safety ball is a great choice for protecting your premises or property from a fire. The more modern design and intelligent activation allows for a more responsive and preventative approach to firefighting, being able to protect your home even when you’re not around. The fact that it is lightweight and compact means that anyone can use this tool to protect themselves, and the large area the suppression system can cover means that you’ll be able to deal with large and small fires alike using the same product. A smart and reliable fire suppression tool is vital to ensuring the safety of the occupants of the premises, and this particular tool is one which won’t let you down.