50 Festival Essentials – What To Take To A Festival

Festival season in finally upon us and before you dust off your trusty sleeping bag and shove all those last minute must-have outfits in your snug backpack, we’ve rounded up all the festival essentials you simply don’t want to forget for this summers hottest parties. Work your way through and tick off all the items that will ensure you get there (and home) safely and without any embarrassing incidents

festival essentials

Festival Essentials – Bag Checklist

  • Festival Ticket – You won’t be getting anywhere near the entry gate without this bad boy! Buy your ticket in advance – you can never fully trust a ticket tout.
  • Cash – Take money out before you arrive – trust us, the queues will be ridiculous! And make sure to take a safe and secure pouch to keep your cash on you at all times.
  • ID – Don’t miss out on a cheeky pint or cider because the bar man thinks your underage. Pack your ID in a safe and secure place and keep it on you at all times.
  • SOLAR CHARGER – Stir the envy pot among your friends who can’t join you by keeping your Insta-Stories and Snapchat constantly updated. And no avid social media addict should ever be without a solar charger for when main line electricity isn’t an option. Oh, and perhaps give mum a quick call to let her know you’re safe?
  • Lighter or Matches – Evenings outdoors can get very cold. Unless you can start a fire like Ray Mears, take a lighter and/or matches along with you. It’s also a great way to make friends with the unprepared smoker!
  • Camera or Phone – How else will the world know what you’ve been up to if you don’t inundate social media with hourly photos of your excursions?

Festival Essentials – Clothing Checklist

  • Clothes – Festivals are the ideal place to let your fashionista side go wild! Think denim hot pants, tie die shirts and bandana head bands and you’re leaning in the right direction.
  • Hat – Safety first, these festivals can get hot!
  • Poncho – Ideal for chillier nights and able to be folded small for easy transportation and storage.
  • Wellies – A staple item in the festival attire, invest in a good and solid pair of wellies and then style your whole outfit around them!
  • Sun glasses – Avoid squinty selfies and pounding headaches and pack your sunglasses. Or even better, by some cheap glasses before you go – if you loose them, it doesn’t matter!
  • Comfy shoes – Heels are great but do you really want to spend your days trenching across mud soaked fields in your best stilettos? Be extra prepared with a choice that is both padded and waterproof too.
  • BACKPACK – Essential to your camping excursion, find one that compliments your favourite festival outfits and is big enough to pack in all your clothes and the essentials on this list.
  • Comfy socks – Take care of your feet – they’ll thank you later. If you can, opt for a waterproof option to avoid chilblains in the colder weather.
  • Towel – You will get wet… either in the shower or by a sudden downpour. Take a large towel in your backpack for either occurrence.
  • Disposable bags – An essential to any travel, make your post-festival washing much quicker by separating your clothes into clean and dirty.

Festival Essentials – Toiletries

  • Toothbrush – No one likes pungent breath!
  • Deodorant – No one likes pungent bodies!
  • Baby wipes – Another staple revered by the seasoned festival goer. The queues for the showers will be massive… take baby wipes and simply freshen up every morning. These are also great for removing your most eccentric festival makeup at the end of the day.
  • Contraception – Well.. there are a lot of new people at festivals. Better to be safe than very, very sorry!
  • Shampoo – Keep your locks smelling of roses even after all those beer showers you’ve endured.
  • Dry Shampoo – Lazier mornings call for a quick fix. Slip a bottle of this lifesaver into your bag and greasy hair will be a thing of the past.
  • Toilet roll – The toilet’s will be empty… take your own toilet roll and pack a couple of sheets into your bum bag every morning.
  • Hay fever tablets – Pollen will be rife so avoid red, blotchy eyes and tickly noses with those one-a-day hay fever tablets.
  • Sun screen – Avoid becoming a hilarious meme with a sufficient covering sun screen and reapply through out the day. After all, no one likes 3rd degree burns!
  • Mosquito repellent – You’re in a field packed with people and food… these little blood suckers are bound to attack! Keep yourself safe and spray repellent every morning to avoid painful bites.
  • Hand sanitiser – You’ll be in a muddy field after all and hygiene is always important. Those little bottles can be slipped into the smallest of bags for everyday use.
  • UV Face Paint – For those late night raves or a way to spot your bestie in a crowd – either way make sure to stock up!
  • Plasters – Accidents are inevitable. A small pack of plasters will temporarily fix minor grazes and scratches with ease and don’t take up a lot of space in your bag.
  • Travel First aid kit – Be the Mother of the group and make sure all minor ailments and injuries can be dealt with quickly.
  • PORTABLE SHOWER – Avoid those lengthy queues and the traditional ‘wet wipe clean’ by packing a portable shower in your backpack. The rest of your festival party will thank you later!

Festival Essentials – Eating/Drinking

  • Camping stove – Save those pennies and cook your own meals for everyone in your festival party! Or if culinary skills aren’t your speciality, it’s a great tool for making the perfect brew.
  • Cooler for food and drinks – Keep those sausage rolls and chilled beers cool at all times and grab a decent sized cooler for your trip.
  • BBQ or CAMPING STOVE – If you go camping in nature and don’t light a fire, did you ever really go?
  • Water filter – Hydration is key and no one wants to savour the pungent flavours of mud and dirt so make sure to filter all water and keep sipping!
  • Water carrier – As we mentioned before, keeping hydrated is essential. Choose one of those collapsible water carriers and carry water with you during the day.
  • Bottle opener – Because is there anything worse that watching a cold beer sweat away and being unable to crack the cap?
  • Cutlery – Well, do you want to eat pasta or chilli with your fingers? Get a cheap travel set and it won’t matter if they get lost.

Festival Essentials – Accommodation

  • Tent – Well you don’t want to end up camped out underneath the stars – especially during those sudden downpours so common during UK Summer
  • Camping blanket – Even the warmest of days can turn into the chilliest nights. Make sure yours is lightweight for easy transportation but cozy for those post-rave nights.
  • CAMPING CHAIR – Because, who wants to sit on the cold hard floor?
  • Sleeping bag and pillow – Leave the hefty duvet at home – a good quality sleeping bag will keep you cozy and dry even during the worst festival showers. And your favourite pillow will make your evenings even more relaxing.

Other Festival Essentials

  • Torch – It will get dark… you will need to see… take a torch.
  • A good book – For those calmer evenings where you need a few minutes to chill out.
  • Sheewee – Because at some point you will walk in on a toilet that doesn’t bare breathing near, let along sitting down on.
  • Flag – Seasoned festival goers will know the struggle to locate their tent after a heavy night or even after the lunch run. Choose the most vibrant flag you can find and string this to your tent so you can easily spot your home at the end of the day
  • Duct tape – Broken your backpack? Duct tape! Hole in the tent? Duct tape! Need a fabulous, unique outfit in a flash? Duct tape!
  • TRAVEL DRINKING GAMES – Everything from Black Jack to Snap can be played with alcohol, let your imagination run free!
  • Musical instrument – If you can play it then bring it – the tent with the ukelele is sure become the stuff of legends over the years.
  • Your best chat up lines – You never know who you might meet, the woman of your dreams or the woman of right now! Either way, dust off your best one liners in preparation. Check Out The 50 Best Tinder Chatup Lines Here

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