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Choosing to become completely self-sufficient is a monumental decision that will vastly change every aspect of your life. Taking away the convenience of your local supermarket and modern amenities we all take for granted such as hot, running water and you’re faced with all manner of additional challenges that may have never crossed your mind. However, homestead living awards you the freedom to dictate what footprint you and your family leave on this earth as well as ensuring every piece of produce that passes your lips can be traced and accounted for at all times. Learning to appreciate the fruits of this earth and a humans own capacity to successfully support themselves, homestead living is something that more and more people aspire to in a world where technology has invaded and we are all dictated by someone higher up in power. In this article, we have rounded up some of the best homestead living products available to help you make this important transition and traipsed through hundreds of buyers reviews to make sure you know where to find the best of the best.

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Holding your hands the entire way, we’ve pulled together a group of articles that explain in more detail some of the key aspects you’ll need to consider when choosing to move onto homestead living. From answering some of your most pressing and inquisitive questions through to providing you with some key experts that have been enjoying this way of life for many years – we’ve got you completely covered.

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Solar Products

Taking your family home to a new level of self-sufficiency, those who choose to live off the grid find themselves in a new world of opportunities and adventure. Whether you decide to remove all conventional utilities from your home or simply choose to find alternative methods for certain amenities, this way of living continues to grow in popularity and offers another option aside from technological giants and sky-high household bills. From powering your own home using the intense strength of solar energy through to sourcing and installing your own sewerage system that will effectively keep your home in tip top shape, there are a wide range of products available on the market today designed specifically for this purpose. So, to save you from hours of unnecessary website-trawling, we’ve rounded up the best products for living off the grid all in one place and based our findings on buyers reviews from real life off-gridders.

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To make the transition as easy as possible, we’ve pulled together a range of articles that each focus on a different aspect of living off the grid. Whether you’re looking to discover how impactful this change will be from a first-hand point of view or need some tips and advice on how to set up your newly discovered, self-sufficient life, we’ve got everything covered

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