The Pros And Cons Of Homesteading

Homesteading was once the way of life for those who wanted to settle into areas that were otherwise uninhabited. In the United States, pioneers settled the west and set up homesteads that would provide their families with everything they would need to survive. In today’s world, homesteading is making a comeback.
People are looking for pieces of land that they can raise livestock, grow food and essentially live away from the daily grind. People from all around the world are longing for a different way of life than the one they have always known. For the few who grew up on a homestead, it isn’t a big deal. They were born and bred to live the lifestyle. For those who have never used a tractor or had to grow their own food, it is a serious adjustment.
As with every choice in life, there are going to be good and bad characteristics. Let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of homesteading.

pros and cons of homesteading

Pros Of Self Sufficiency / Homestead Life

There are going to be some very positive outcomes to choosing to get away from the rat race and become more independent.
Learning to be self-sufficient means you are not dependent on the availability of food in the grocery stores. You are also immune to the increase in food prices.
• You will be teaching your family members some valuable skills that will give them an advantage if they choose to homestead in the future. It will be easier on them.
You will have a sense of pride and satisfaction knowing you can do it on your own. You can provide for your family without the help of the government.
• If there is a major disaster or some kind of upheaval that disrupts the food supply chain, you will not have to worry. You are self-reliant and will still have food on the table.
Food recalls will not effect you. You won’t have to worry about a family member being sickened by tainted packaged food.
• You will never be bored or without anything to do.
You will fall into bed very tired every single day after working on the homestead.
• You will develop strong bonds with your family as you work together to survive.
You will develop strong bonds with neighbours. Homesteading families tend to take care of one another. If you do get sick or have to leave on an emergency for a few days, you can ask another experienced homesteader to watch your homestead.

Cons Of The Self Sufficiency / Homestead Life

Homesteading isn’t for everyone. For some, a single con will be the deciding factor and they will realise it is simply not for them.

Homesteading is a commitment. You can’t do it a little. It is a full time job, all year round.
• It is a lot of hard work. You will develop a routine, but it often includes a lot of manual labor.
You do need to be able to purchase a tract of land. It is best if you can buy land outright and build your own home—with no mortgage.
• You will need to learn about raising animals, breeding animals and the best animals for your needs. This can be a lot of trial and error.
There is an initial investment cost to get the animals for your small farm and building materials for the home and outbuildings you will need. Many of these things can be bought for very little money.

Homesteading is extremely rewarding, but with all great rewards comes a lot of hard work. If you are fully committed to providing for yourself and are willing to put in the time and energy, you will discover homesteading is one of the best decisions you will every make.