The Pros And Cons Of Prepping

There is nothing in life that is totally perfect. Every decision you make will have good and bad effects. In most situations, we make decisions that will have the best outcome—or we try to at least. One way to best make a decision is to think about the outcome. What will happen if you make a decision? What are the pros and cons to to the decision?
Prepping is a decision you consciously make. You either choose to think about a future that leaves you on your own, without the help of government aid or even modern day conveniences or you don’t. It is that simple. You can choose to prepare for a time when you don’t have a steady job or you are left fighting for your life after a major disaster or some horrible terrorist attack or you can choose to assume everything will be all right.
Let’s go over some of the pros and cons of prepping and then you can make your decision from there.

Pros Of Prepping

Staying positive, let’s focus on the positive aspects of prepping for a disaster.

• You will have peace of mind knowing you can feed your family and take care of their basic needs with your supplies. You won’t stress and worry about the future and will be able to enjoy life.
• You will have the knowledge to do things like cooking from scratch, how to purify water and how to hunt when there are no stores to buy food from.
• You and your family won’t have to panic and worry about finding food after a disaster or even in the middle of a serious storm that leaves you housebound.
• Your children will be confident in your ability to take care of them and will be less prone to panic. They know you have worked to ensure it will all be okay.
• You will ultimately save money by buying things in bulk that are generally much cheaper. You can use your preps to feed friends and family members who show up for a surprise visit without worrying about running to the store first.
• You will be able to save money by learning how to cook at home from scratch and perfecting your upcycling skills.
• Your prepping and practicing skills like camping or preparing meals will help bring your family closer together.
• You will be teaching your children how to prepare for anything by simply stocking up on a few things. It also allows you to pass on skills that are slowly disappearing, like working with leather, food preservation and wood working.

Cons Of Prepping

There are going to be a few drawbacks to prepping.

• People will think you are weird or a little out there. Members of your family may also assume you are overreacting and not take you seriously.
• It does cost money to prep. However, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Adding a little here and there will slowly build up your stockpile.
• You will need to spend some time organizing and prepping. It is time well spent, but it will take away from things like watching football or shopping.

There really are very few cons to prepping. It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money and you don’t have to tell anybody what you are doing. Do it for your family and for yourself.