Survival Acronyms – Would You Know These 10 Acronyms

If you have ever read any prepping blogs, you have probably come across quite a few survival acronyms. It can be a little confusing if you are trying to fill in the letters with words and end up picking the wrong words. It could lead you down a dangerous path. Experienced preppers and survivalists assume you know the various acronyms and rarely take the time to explain them. If you are new to the prepping world, you need to know these 10 survival acronyms so you will have a better understanding about what you are reading and what the experts are talking about.

survival acronyms

1. SHTF is probably the most commonly used survival acronym. It stands for “shit hits the fan.” Crude, but it gets to the point. When things go south, it is a SHTF moment and means you better get your butt into gear
2. TEOTWAWKI is a big one. It stands for, “the end of the world as we know it.” This refers to life after a major disaster or event that puts the world into a tailspin. A world war, massive earthquake or a financial collapse would result in TEOTWAWKI
3. BOB isn’t the neighbor. It stands for, “bug out bag.” This is a quick and easy way to reference the bag that every prepper and survivalist has just in case they have to bug out
4. BOV is important, but not everyone has one. It is a “bug out vehicle” This is the truck or SUV you have loaded with supplies that will be able to get through rough terrain to a secondary location where you will hole up
5. CCW isn’t necessarily a survival term, but you will see it quite a bit in the forums. CCW is “carrying a concealed weapon” You are advised to carry a concealed weapon to protect yourself, especially after SHTF
6. OPSEC is another term borrowed from the military. It means, “operational security” Basically, if you are holed up after a disaster and intent on concealing your presence, you need to know about operational security. It is about being aware of your surroundings and the things you may do that give away your location
7. GOOD isn’t really good. It is, “get out of dodge” That can translate to bug out or leave the city as soon as possible without worrying about packing up the house
8. WROL is expected after a major catastrophe. It is, “without rule of law” The government, law enforcement and military will be stretched thin or be completely collapsed. There will be no law and you will be on your own
9. EDC is what you should be doing. It means, “everyday carry” referring to some kind of weapon or self-defense item. It can be something like a baseball bat in the trunk of your car or pepper spray on your key ring
10. BOL has a couple brothers on this list. It means, “bug out location” which is a predetermined place you will head to when things get rough. Your bug out location should already be stocked with what you need to survive for days or weeks.

Never assume you know what an acronym is. Always ask or do some research

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survival acronyms

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