Survival Food – Best Ready Made Survival Foods Kits

Storing survival food away that your family will eat after a disaster on some scale, whether it is big or small is a good idea. It is something most families do already, but it is more of an assortment of items that are leftover in the pantry.

best survival food

When you think about a power outage that happens around a meal time, you probably eat what’s in the fridge first and then scrounge around in the pantry for canned food or snacks that require no cooking.

Now, take that image of a brief power outage and magnify it by three days. Do you have enough food in the pantry to feed the family for three days? What about a month or several months?

Best 3 Day Survival Food

The Mountain House 3 Day Emergency Food Kit Contains:

  1. Scrambled Eggs x2
  2. Biscuits And Gravy x1
  3. Beef Stroganoff And Noodles x2
  4. Pasta Primavera x2
  5. Chicken Teriyaki And Rice x2
  6. Rice And Chicken x1

A 3-day food supply is going to be fairly small. It should be able to fit into a backpack easily or in a small box that you have stashed in the back of the pantry. Foods that should be included in your food storage for immediate use in a short-term situation will include some of the following;
• MREs
• Freeze-dried individual servings
• Canned soup
• Energy bars
• Food tabs
• Food bar rations
You want things in your 3-day supply that can be eaten in one sitting and on the move if needed. Food that doesn’t require heat to prepare is ideal. Water will likely be in short supply, so foods that only need a little water to make into a delicious meal are also going to better than those that require a lot of water to re-hydrate and make palatable. Calories count in a survival situation, which is why the specially made food bars are an ideal option. They pack all the nutrition you need into one small bar. A couple of bars a day is all you will need to keep up your energy and strength. The bars are perfect for adding to bug out bags and the emergency stash can keep

Best 7 Day Survival Food

The amount of food you will need to store for 7 days is going to depend on the size of your family. It is best to keep your 7-day food storage limited to ready-to-eat foods and meals. The single-serve packs of freeze-dried foods are ideal for this length of time. It allows you to change up your meals while enjoying the actual mealtime. It may not seem important right now, but being able to sit down, relax and eat a meal that is tasty as well as nutritious is going to go a long way to soothing your soul. It will help establish normalcy at a time that is anything but.
A 7-day food storage will include;
• Single serve freeze-dried meal packages
• Canned soup and chilli
• Energy bars
• Food tabs
• Food bar rations
• MREs
You may need to be on the move for part of this 7-day period which means you will need to stick with the lightweight food items. Canned foods are not going to be ideal if you need to bug out. It is also important to note that eating only canned food for a week will make you ill due to the number of nitrates and sodium used to preserve the food

Best 1 Month Survival Food

At this stage of building up your food storage, you are going to be moving into bulk items. It will be important to have a diversified food storage. This is going to be what helps keep you healthy as well as keep your strength up. You will need foods from all of the food groups. At this stage, you will also need to be making meals from scratch. Buying ingredients like wheat berries, baking powder, salt, yeast and so on will be necessary.
At this point, your food storage should include;
• 10 cans of various freeze-dried fruits, veggies and meals
• Jerky
• Canned meats
• Canned fruits and veggies
• Baking supplies
• Spices
• Energy bars
• Food ration bars
You will want to make sure you include comfort foods that your family enjoys today. A 1-month food supply should include things like crackers, cereal and even candy. While the crackers and cereal will not last long on the shelf, they are suitable for short-term storage and can be replaced with fresh items every month. It is important you avoid buying bulk cans and other items that cannot be consumed in one sitting. Without refrigeration, you risk wasting a great deal of food. The freeze-dried options allow you to make as much or as little as you need

Best 1 Year Survival Food

The one year supply of food that will last the family a year is going to be a bit of a space hog. This is the stage where you will have food items in bulk, generally 5-gallon buckets. Without weekly trips to the grocery store as an option, everything your family eats will need to be in your food storage. You will be doing a lot of cooking from scratch. Making things like stews and casseroles will be one way to feed the family a hearty meal. In order to do that, you are going to need some key supplies.
• Bulk 50-pound bags of rice, beans, oats, flour
• Bulk freeze-dried meals in pails
• 10 cans of freeze-dried fruits, veggies and dairy items
• Bulk pails of freeze-dried potatoes in variety of styles i.e. hash browns, flakes, slices
• Energy bars
• Baking supplies
• Coconut oil
At this stage of building your food storage, it will be absolutely essential you have a variety of foods. Keep things interesting by never serving the same meal twice in the same week. Having a supply of individual serving packages like MREs and food ration bars is a good idea for those times you will need to go hunting, scavenging or visiting

Best Survival Food Bars

Energy bars are the perfect solution to getting nutrition on the go. When you are packing a bug out bag or a 72-hour kit, you need to have food that is nutritious and actually tastes good. Energy bars are specially formulated to pack as many calories into the small, portable bars as possible. Some bars are going to be focused on a particular supplement, like protein. Protein bars are ideal for situations where you are going to be doing strenuous activity and you need to give your body the fuel it needs to keep your muscles in good shape.
Energy bars come in a number of different flavors so you are sure to find a few that suit your personal tastes. If you like your energy bars on the sweeter side, chocolate and vanilla are popular choices. Energy bars are also one of the few emergency food options that can be chosen based on dietary restrictions like vegan, gluten free or lactose free.
Because the bars are sold in individual packages, they are an ideal choice for carrying in a pocket, purse or even stashing in the glovebox in your car. They will store for years in ideal conditions

Best MRE Food Kits

Long ago, MREs were just for soldiers and astronauts. They may not provide the most appealing looking food, but each of the meals that are ready to eat without adding water or heating do pack that nutrition that becomes more important than looks and tastes in a survival situation. Nowadays, MREs are of a much higher quality.
Many of the MREs you can buy today actually come with a little, flame less heat pack that allows you to heat up your meal and make it taste pretty good. The meal choices are pretty amazing and you will be surprised to find that you actually enjoy the taste. Some of the options available in MRE packs include;
• Apple oatmeal
• Beef ravioli
• Beef tacos
• Chicken fajitas
• Garlic chicken
• Pot Roast
Each of the MREs includes an eating utensil as well. They are truly meals all in one tiny package that include the main course, a dessert and a drink mix that just needs to be added to water. The MREs of today are not like they were 50 years ago. The meals are prepared to include the highest calorie content possible with a single MRE often having more than 1000 calories

Best Survival Food Tabs

Food tabs may not be your first choice for a meal in today’s world, but in a post-disaster situation where food is scarce, these little tablets will keep you alive. The tablets are soft chews that are available in an assortment of flavors. Each of the tablets when taken as directed, provides an average person with all the nutrition they need to survive. People who have tried these are amazed at how they manage to maintain their strength and energy without ever actually eating. In fact, many people say they didn’t even feel hungry while surviving on the tablets.
You can order the food tabs in flavors like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Depending on the size of the pack you order and the brand, you will get around 100 tablets that will sustain you for a week or more. The tabs are very light and can be carried in a bag in your pocket, purse or in your bug out bag. They are an ideal option when you have to bug out and can’t take a lot of supplies with you. The tablets will keep you going until you can get through the crisis or get yourself established somewhere that allows for foraging and hunting food

Best Survival Camping Food

Some people have been relying on a variety of camping survival foods for decades without even realising that it would make an excellent addition to their food storage shelves as well. Camping survival food is essentially freeze-dried foods in individual packages. There are plenty of choices and you can certainly find packages that fulfil any dietary restrictions you or a family member may have.

With the rise in the need for freeze-dried foods that can be put on the shelf and stored for decades, there is a lot of competition. More competition means you get a bigger selection and competitive pricing. Some of the companies you have to choose from for your camping survival food are as follows;

• Wise Foods
• Mountain House Foods
• Augason Farms
• Saratoga Farms
• Easy Prep
• The Ready Store
• Honeyville

With this many players in the game, you are going to be pleasantly surprised by the selection available. Give them all a try and stock up on your favourites. You will find each company adds their own spin to some classic meals. Don’t limit yourself. Shop around and see what really tickles your family’s taste buds